Creatively Content: #cs_makeitextraordinary

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img_20190805_192035-012875695243733997033.jpeg I didn’t really take part in last week’s Creatively Squared challenge in the end. It was a make up from the previous weeks and I’d done everything I wanted to do with the other hashtag challenges. So, I waited for the new one and it was a good one. The #cs_makeitextraordinary hashtag was all taking ordinary objects and making them extraordinary. Something that I tried to get on board with despite my absolute lack of artistic skills. As my teacher once said, I have the ideas but lack the ability to execute them. He was a dick but fairly accurate. 

This was a super fun challenge and something that I’d never really attempted before. But I’ve always been the kind of person that sees faces in inanimate objects so it felt like I could transfer those skills. There are so many amazing artists all over the internet who have such a talent for this that I was definitely inspired. I’m just not as skilled with the whole thing. I definitely have a couple of favourites out of the bunch. I think the giraffe is super cute and the kiwi turtles turned out quite well.





And, because I’m always coming up with reasons to justify buying this stop motion app, I decided to try another stop motion film. It’s probably the worst one yet cause I rushed it at every stage. But it gets the job done.



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