Creatively Content: #cs_farmtotable

img_0207-014114634804749545949.jpeg I had so much fun food styling last week that I decided to keep going with the weekly Creatively Squared challenge again. This week was all about celebrating fresh food. The brief was to show the journey that our food takes from being picked to being cooked. The #cs_farmtotable hashtag really put fruit and vegetables at the forefront in their raw form. Colours had to be natural and vibrant. Showcasing these ingredients in all of their glory to prove that it worth picking them out of the ground. 

At the very least, this week’s challenge gave me another chance to use my new backdrops. The grey, in particular, is great for this kind of thing as it has a big of blue tone to it. The blue undertone helps add to the feeling of freshness of the ingredients. Or, at least, that was the plan. Some of them may come across as a bit too cold. I need to think more about the colour balance of my shots. The orange of the tomatoes or the basket in some of the shots adds a needed warmth that the rest are lacking.

Author: Murdocal

Who is Murdocal? A casual critic who is a little bit too obsessed with pop culture. A young woman who swears and rants much more than she knows she should whilst trying to make her way in an adult world she isn't prepared for. A not as recent as she'd like literature graduate who, between job applications and subsequent rejections, has turned to the internet to fight the boredom and review the shit out of everything. "Maybe, just maybe, I'm the faller. Every family has someone who falls, who doesn't make the grade, who stumbles, who life trips up. Maybe I'm our faller."

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