Creatively Content: Week 5 #cs_warmup

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img_20190521_182131-019026975233328347079.jpegIt’s been a super hot week in the UK. I’ve been so uncomfortably warm in the office. So, when this week’s Creatively Squared challenge was #cs_warmup it seemed like the perfect chance to take advantage of the sun. Now, I’m not exactly a lover of Summer. I’m super pale and get really uncomfortable sitting outside for too long. I get super itchy and have to find shade. Then there’s the fact that I burn within minutes of the sun coming out if I’m not covered in factor 1000. But, I can appreciate the sun. It always inspires me to get my camera out and take photos of flowers. If you think I spam people on my book Instagram, have some sympathy for my personal account followers. It’s all flowers, trees, and pigeons right now.

Warm up is one of those challenges that can be interpreted in so many different ways. A lot of people might have gone down the warm-up in cold weather route.  It’s definitely something I could have worked my Bookstagram into. I love doing Autumnal based flatlays with scarves and blankets. But the super good weather inspired me to embrace all things Summer.



I think some of these work much better than others. Neither of the watermelon posts really turned out as I’d wanted them too. I think the background colour was wrong and I think I needed to rearrange them better. But I think the three yellow backdrops photos look really Summery. And I was really happy with the outdoor Pimms shot. That was all about finding the right angle to get that lens flare. I liked the iced coffee shot but I think, if I were to do it again, I’d pick a different background. I love a wooden backdrop but I don’t think it works here. Maybe a white would have been better? Or the yellow?

So, how would you have approached this hashtag?

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