Creatively Content: Week 4 #cs_thelifeofpages



You know I love books. I’ve been photographing books since 2014. It’s my weird little hobby. It gives me something to do with my spare time at least. So, when this week’s Creatively Squared challenge was #cs_thelifeofpages I was beyond pleased. But then I decided I couldn’t spend the week just doing what I normally did. What would be the point? These challenges are supposed to be a way to improve my skills and help me become a better content creator. And, as my engagement is proving, it’s probably something that needs work! So, I decided to try and have a play with Photoshop. Something that I’m trying to practice with a bit more. I’ve still only got basic skills but I think I did okay.

I love books. I think books are beautiful on their own. When it comes to Bookstagram, I always find the simplest photos are the best. Why throw so much at a book? They stop being the focus. I’m happy if that’s your aesthetic but I’m not going to be the kind of person who just chucks a few candles, stationery, spoons, or whatever into a photo. So, I was never going to do well in terms of the competition but that’s not the point. And I like these photos.


I think one of my favourites is the Clockwork Orange poster parody. It took way more effort than I’d normally put into one my posts but I think it turned out pretty well. And that cover is iconic. And I really like the final one. I think it could have been a bit neater but it got the point across. I paired it with the Mark Twain quote “In a good bookroom you feel in some mysterious way that you are absorbing the wisdom contained in all the books through your skin, without even opening them.”.  And I think it just about works.

So, how would you have approached this hashtag?

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