Creatively Content: Week 4 #cs_mymomentwithflowers

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So, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I got a bit mopey this weekend. I try not to focus on numbers and engagement but sometimes it gets to me. It came straight off the back of a person with about 10 times the followers I have moaning about how bad her engagement is. I know everyone is struggling but let’s get real. If you’re moaning that only a few hundred people are seeing their posts then you need to get a reality check. Last year I thought I was onto a good thing with my feed. I was getting fairly good engagement for the size of my account and was getting new followers regularly. Now? It’s all gone to shit. I’ve been stuck on the same numbers for ages and it’s affecting my photos. Instead of doing what I want I’m trying to create content that I think will get more likes. And I’m not happy with my regular feed Which is why I put so much more effort into these challenges. Which still gets to me because I see people who put in way less effort getting way more appreciation. But I guess this is quite subjective so who am I to say which photos are good or not. Still, I feel like this ” close community” isn’t quite as welcoming as they like to believe. They’re quite formulaic with who they chose to share. It can be really disheartening. But, then again, I’m probably just having a bad weekend. I’ve been feeling a bit down for the last couple of days. Best ignore me.

Now I’ve had a little moan, let’s get on with this week’s challenge. As the title suggests, the hashtag this week was #cs_mymomentwithflowers in honour of Mother’s Day. Now, I love playing with flowers in photos. After baby animals, they are probably the most photogenic thing in the world. My unofficial Instagram motto is definitely “if in doubt, chuck some flowers on it” because they instantly elevate any shot. Plus, it’s a good excuse to buy myself flowers. My bedroom has been so bright and colourful this week. I’ve loved it. And I went a little mad this weekend. I ended up posting three times for this challenge on both Saturday and Sunday and still didn’t get through all of my photos. At least I have them in reserve. I’ve included them here just because this grid is going to be super colourful.

Oh, and as a special bonus, I created this little stop motion animation which I’m quite pleased with.

I really love stop motion animation and, after a previous Creatively Squared challenge, have often thought about trying more. I’ve just subscribed to an app that lets you create them easily so, hopefully, that will spur me on a bit.

So, what about you? I’d love to see some of your photos. Or hear about what your favoured aesthetic is.

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