Creatively Content: Week 3 #cs_noteworthy


dscn9262-027876465524908237665.jpegI started this new series last month when I introduced you to my participation in the weekly Instagram challenges set by Creatively Squared. For those that missed it, I’ll just recap what the whole thing is about. Creatively Squared is a website that brings together content creators and brands. The platform has a database of different creators and will match each brand with the most suitable people for their purposes. It’s a fantastic site but I’ve not had the nerve to sign up as a creator. For one thing, I’m still very new at this whole photography thing and, for another, I’d be worried about having adequate time to create. But, for professional creators, it’s a brilliant thing to be involved with. If you’re more of an amateur like me, then you can join their weekly hashtag challenges and become part of the community. Each week a new theme is announced and you have from Monday to Sunday to post your entry. The best are shared through the platform’s Instagram page and, at the end of the week, an ultimate winner is announced. With prizes sometimes up for grabs and the chance to be noticed by other creators, it’s a wonderful thing to be part of.

As the title suggests, this week’s hashtag was #cs_noteworthy and was a celebration of all things stationery. I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t quite as exited by this week’s challenge as I have been with previous weeks. I just didn’t have a lot of great ideas. I love a notebook but I’m not a massive stationery queen. Yes, I will spend too much money on pretty notebooks that I never use but pens and pencils don’t get me all hot and bothered. I don’t spend hours lusting after erasers and pencil sharpeners. And I feel like my usual minimalist white background isn’t really the best backdrop. It needs wood or marble to really work. I have a small strip of vinyl backing but it’s thin and very shiny. So, I tend not to use it very often. Still, I managed to cobble a few things together that I think just about work.


I think the coloured pens is my favourite but I also love the pops of yellow in the notebook one. These aren’t my favourite photos but I think some of them are workable. It’s week’s like this that show me I need to work on composition at times. In terms of social media marketing, I think minimalism works for certain things and in certain environments. But I think stationery isn’t one of them. It needs a bit of colour and fun. Or a warmer more realistic setting. I always try and not throw too much money at my little hobby but there are times when I think having extra backdrop options will be better for me.

This week I finally upgraded my digital camera from a rubbish bridge to a cheap DSLR. It’s going to be something I need to work with to understand it but I’m going to learn. Once I get the basics of taking a photo then I can start working on composition. I’m never going to be a photographer but I can at least start taking better photos. Maybe then my Instagram followers will finally push itself over the 1500 mark it’s been languishing on for months. I try not to give a shit but sometimes it’s impossible.

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