Bookish Post – April Reading Wrap-Up

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At the end of March I posted my first ever monthly wrap-up. It was mostly because I’d managed to read 8 books that month and felt that it needed recording somewhere. I haven’t done quite as well this month because I started my new job. For the first few weeks I wasn’t reading quite as quickly as normal. Still, I managed a fairly commendable 5. Again, this might not seem like a lot to some of you but, for me, this is outstanding. Especially when compared to last year. My 2018 reading target was 30 books and I managed to get 4 books over. This year I set myself the same target and I’m basically already there. Only 6 to go and we’re only in the 5th month. So, this shows you just how much better I’ve been with reading this year. Let’s hope it continues for the rest of the year and into 2020.

Number of books read: 5 – I know, compared to many of the people I follow on Bookstagram or my fellow bloggers, this is completely tiny but, for me, this is better than it’s been in the past.
Number of physical books: 2 – I bought a few new books in April so my TBR isn’t much smaller but I’ve read a few books I was keen to read.
Number of eBooks: 3  – Still trying to get on top of my NetGalley acquisitions and I’ve managed to get through most of them recently. I have one more on my shelves and am trying not to ask for too many more. It’s too stressful for me!


Moonlocket by Peter Bunzl


First read of the month and it was a NetGalley book. I requested this not realising that it was a sequel but it didn’t really matter. This is a fabulous children’s book. An adventure set in a steampunk Victorian England. It’s a bit dark but a lot of fun.


Vox by Christina Dalcher


This is one of those super popular books that I kind of felt that I had to read. I’ve been wary of feminist dystopian literature for a while and am still kind of bitter that I let The Power get me. So, I picked this up cheap and refused to get my hopes up. And I’m glad I didn’t. This wasn’t the feminist powerhouse I was hoping for. It was utter tosh.


Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid


I know this was a massively hyped book but I was still desperate to read this. Normally, I don’t get on with hyped books but everything about Daisy Jones sounded like I’d love it. And, thankfully, I did. I think there are some aspects that could have been better but I really loved reading it. I think the format was perfect.

Kindle and glasses on vintage books

My Purple Scented Novel by Ian McEwan


I never read this short story when it was first published in The New Yorker. I used to be a great lover of all things McEwan but I kind of dropped the ball after On Chesil Beach. So, when this was released in honour of McEwan’s 70th birthday I knew it was time. And that time came when I was in need of a quick review. This was perfect.


Campusland by Scott Johnson

This was another NetGalley acquisition that I requested because of the fun sounding narrative. It was set on a college campus and I immediately had thoughts of Animal House. Unfortunately, it was less like Animal House and more like one of National Lampoon’s worse films. I got so genuinely angry with this book. I think I was being too nice when I gave it 1 star.

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