Small but epic moments in Endgame (Cautious spoiler warning)



Are you getting bored of these Endgame related posts yet? Don’t worry, we’re in the endgame now.  I’ve posted my almost impossible to write spoiler-free review on Tuesday and my spoiler-filled musings on Thursday, so what could possibly be left? Well, I wanted to do a quick shout-out to some of favourite small moments in this film. It was so full of great callbacks and blink and you’ll miss them moments. It was a film for the fans and it paid us much service for our 11 years of loyalty. Of course, I had to stop at some point otherwise I’d just have listed everything that happened in the entire film. And neither you nor I have the time to do that. I managed to narrow it down to 12, which I think is a manageable chunk, right? These aren’t really in any particular order because who can pick between them. Also, feel free to let me know what your favourite moments in the film was. Did I miss any great ones? Probably. I spent most of the battle trying to catch a glimpse of Dr Strange. I’ve missed him. I wanted more of him and his face. But I always want more of him and his face. Anyway, on with the list.

  • T’Challa Calling Hawkeye Clint

This was such a throwaway moment in the middle of the final epic battle but it genuinely gave me massive feels. When Clint is trying to keep the gauntlet away from Thanos, T’Challa calls to him to pass it over. As he does, he refers to Hawkeye as “Clint”. In itself, I love how familiar this is but it also callbacks to the epic showdown between the pair in Civil War. When Clint tells Black Panther “I’m Clint”, the Wakandan replies “I don’t care.” See it here. The fact that they’ve brought this around and T’Challa finally cares, is just another indication of how close these people are in this one fight. They’ve all come together and it’s beautiful guys. Really fucking beautiful.

  • On your left

Made. Me. Cry. I got so emotional as soon as Sam got in touch but the whole “on your left” part cut me deep. I know fans are all about Steve and Bucky in these films but I love the development of Sam and Cap’s friendship. And this cute callback to their first meeting was extra special. Sam leading the reinforcements was everything and the “on your left” reference just made it more apparent that he was ready to pick up the shield.

  • America’s Ass

I love when internet memes and cast jokes make their way into the films. And I love Robert Downey Jr. talking about Captain America’s arse. Heck, I love Captain America’s arse. Everything about this was funny and silly in the midst of all the bleakness. It was perfect. Check it out here.

  • Kid at the funeral

We left the cinema and my friend asked me, “who was that random kid at the funeral”. I whipped out my super knowledge and told her “oh, just the kid from Iron Man 3″. I’ll confess, it’s not because I recognised him but because I knew he was in the cast list. Still, I think it was a really lovely if massively obscure moment. We’ve seen what Tony is like with gifted kids (see Peter Parker) and he knew Harley was something of a genius. As if Tony wouldn’t have kept in touch to mentor and help him as he grew up. Maybe help him get into a good college? So, yeah, I reckon the kid would be at the funeral. It was a really touching moment that spoke of Tony’s giving nature.

  • Wong

Not enough Wong. That’s what I’m going to say about every Marvel film from this point. I love Wong. I’ve loved Wong since Dr Strange. I need more Wong. But, what Wong I did get was funny. “What, you wanted more?” Classic fucking Wong.

  • Avengers… assemble

FINALLY. We’ve been waiting for this since 2011. We were teased at the end of Age of Ultron but we finally did it. And what a moment. With nearly the entire MCU behind him, Captain America finally shouted the phrase “Avengers Assemble”. It was such a bittersweet moment but it was absolutely epic.

  • Happy

Tony’s funeral was heartbreaking. There’s no arguing there, right? But I think Happy was one of the best people to watch in that scene. There’s a moment where he put his arm about Rhodey that I think was super sweet. And the scene between him and Morgan was adorable. Happy has been such an underrated part of these films, which is especially bad considering how influential Jon Favreau has been in the whole franchise. He kicked this whole thing off and has been at Tony’s side throughout. He even convinced his friend, Paul Bettany, to sign on as J.A.R.V.I.S, which of course meant he went on to become Vision. So, I think it was great that Happy got his cute little moment where he promised to get Morgan cheeseburgers. Also, the reference to the original film is a worthy reminder of how important the director is.

  • Sassy Rhodey

Loved Rhodey in this film. Wasn’t really a fan until these last two films. He didn’t really do much for me without Tony. So, with the knowledge that Tony was out one way or another, I hoped Rhodey was too. Now, I bloody love him. Don Cheadle was so funny in this film. My standout moment is him just listing time travel movies with Scott. I want more of this Rhodey.

  • “Hi, Peter Parker”

Peter Parker is a polite young man. We know this. Whenever he introduces himself to people he tells them his name. In the last film, he introduced himself to Dr Strange’s cloak and Dr Strange himself. In Civil War he introduced himself to Captain America. It was lovely. In Endgame, he awkwardly introduces himself to Captain Marvel. Unlike the rest, Danvers replies with “Hi Peter Parker”. It was a joyous moment.

  • Tony and Nebula playing

The opening scenes of the film showing Tony and Nebula in space were obviously heartbreaking but they were also lovely. Mainly because we got a chance to see Tony and Nebula bonding. The scene in which Tony was teaching her to play paper football was great for so many reasons. Mostly because this was probably the first time in her entire life that Nebula properly had fun and, to top it all off, she actually won. Seeing how far Nebula has come was lovely and watching her make Tony comfortable was super sweet. It just shows how much the snap affected everyone and brought the survivors together.

  • Cap Swearing

Remember way back in Age of Ultron when Cap admonished Tony for saying a bad word? Of course you do, it was massive meme both in and out of the film. But everything is fucked up post-snap and Steve has started to say bad words all over the damn place. It was such an insignificant moment but hearing Steve  how fswear showsar he’s fallen since Thanos won. He’s lost and broken. He’s not America’s hero anymore. He’s pissed off and I love it.

  • Ben and Jerrys and Audi

Finally, big shout out to Ben and Jerry’s and Audi for managing to stay afloat once half of the universe had been wiped out. Amazing that they’re  not only able to keep operating but that there’s still enough of a demand. I mean, I guess ice cream makes sense because people like me eat our feelings. But Audi? Who’s worrying about cars when so many people have just turned to dust? There are probably countless unclaimed cars all over the world. Why not just use them? Who needs to keep making more?

But this point really speaks to how little the Russo brothers clarified the post-snap world. We see such a small snapshot of it and that’s clearly because Marvel want to address it elsewhere and/or haven’t decided what it’s going to be yet. It was clever on their part but feels like a bit of a cop-out to me.

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