Creatively Content: One Amateur Instagrammer’s Experiments With Photography

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img_20190419_131014-011928632678125842183.jpegFor just over a year now, I’ve been fairly consistently creating photos for the weekly challenges set by Creatively Squared. At its heart, Creatively Squared is a website that brings together content creators and brands. The platform has a database of different creators and will match each brand with the most suitable people for their purposes. It’s a fantastic site but I’ve not had the nerve to sign up as a creator. For one thing, I’m still very new at this whole photography thing and, for another, I’d be worried about having adequate time to create. But, for professional creators, it’s a brilliant thing to be involved with. If you’re more of an amateur like me, then you can join their weekly hashtag challenges and become part of the community. Each week a new theme is announced and you have from Monday to Sunday to post your entry. The best are shared through the platform’s Instagram page and, at the end of the week, an ultimate winner is announced. With prizes sometimes up for grabs and the chance to be noticed by other creators, it’s a wonderful thing to be part of.

So, where am I going with this? I decided that, as well as sharing these images on Instagram, that it would be a good idea to start posting my entries to the challenges on my blog. It’s a massive bit of shameless plugging but, considering that I’m just starting my journey in Digital Marketing, it seems sensible to have another record of my journey as a content creator. Plus, though it feels wrong for me to say this, I’ve been proud of some of the things I’ve done recently. I’m not the most successful of participants in the challenges but winning isn’t really the point. I have met a lot of fantastic people through these challenges. It’s also pushed me to start thinking more creatively about how I approach my Instagram. I’ve been inspired by the other entries and it’s got me excited to try to get better.

This week’s hashtag was the platform’s annual Easter Egg hunt, which is something I really enjoyed doing last year. I went a bit crazy with my props and bought way more chocolate eggs than is really necessary. It means I’ll be eating chocolate for weeks but hopefully the results were worth it.


I think some of these worked better than others and I certainly have my favourites. Obviously, I prefer something of a minimalist approach to my photos so I love anything on a blindingly white background. But I know that’s not to everyone’s taste. There is a massive market for what I would call “cluttered flat lays”, where people shove as many supplementary props into a shot to make it more interesting. It can be an effective thing if you get it right but I don’t think I ever have. And I think if you’re working with something as colourful as Easter Eggs then a plain background can be a super way to show it off.

Although, as much as I love these images, I am aware that they are my least popular on the site. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m a Bookstagrammer, so posting non-Bookish things isn’t part of my thing. If most of my followers appreciate the book side then it might get kind of annoying. But, I’ve been trying to focus less on the numbers since Instagram really started trying to screw me. Looking back on my number of likes from earlier this year does kind of make me want to cry. I’m normally on about half the number I would have been then. I wish I didn’t care but it kind of kills me. I’m not really doing anything different.

But let’s not get into this. I’ve already indulged myself too much tonight. To anyone who stuck with this I thank you. Back tomorrow when our usual service will resume.

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