Sunday Rundown: That’s What She Read

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How has your week been? What have you been reading?

Happy Easter to you all. I’ve had a wonderful weekend so far. Good Friday was spent doing nothing. Yesterday I went on a walk with my sister so my legs are agony today. Tonight I met a friend for a wonderful drink. And, magically, I still have one more day off. Seriously, the simple joy of a bank holiday is lost on people who haven’t spent most of their life working them. It’s a lovely feeling. I could get used to a 4-day week. I’m not sure I could wangle it though. I will say, the only downside has been all the chocolate I’ve consumed this week and will continue to consume this week. It’s going to be bad man.

Weekly Blog Posts

  • TUESDAY REVIEW – Hellboy (2019)

Can you believe it? I’ve caught up with myself and am now no longer reviewing films that I saw weeks ago. It’s been a wonderful experience actually writing about things that are fresh in my mind. And this couldn’t have been fresher a I only watched it the Saturday before. Despite myself, I was quite excited about the new Hellboy. I loved the original film and, as you are definitely aware, I have a major love for David Harbour. So, I was already invested. But, was it any good? You can find out by reading my review here.

  • BOOKPOST – I’m Stark Raving Mad About Sansa

I ended up going out this Wednesday without much notice and I didn’t get my review ready in time. So, instead, I decided to rant about something that I’m sure I’ve already ranted about. But, after watching the first episode of Game of Thones, it was one my mind. If you enjoy one of my rants then you can find my thoughts on it here.

  • THROWBACK THURSDAY –  Carnage (2011)

Before I watched the latest Hellboy I had a double feature of both the Guillermo Del Toror films. I’d always loved the first Hellboy but it’s been ages since I saw it. I had to see if it still stood up. So, if you enjoy a bit of filmic nostalgia then you can click here to read my review.

  • BOOK REVIEW – Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Did I get a book review up on Wednesday? No. But I did get one up. So, let’s focus on that, shall we? I finished Daisy Jones & The Six this week after wanting to read it for ages. It was one of the few super-hyped books that I was looking forward to this year. But, I couldn’t get Reese Witherspoon out of my head. Could I possibly enjoy a book that she loved so much? We’ve never seemed very similar people. Find out for yourself by reading my review here.

Just Read

  • Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

A behind the music documentary style narrative that I reviewed this week. Have you read this?


Currently Reading

  • Campusland by Scott Johnston

This is the final on my current list of NetGalley books that I need to read. So, I decided it was time to read it before I start requesting more. Or, after I’d requested more as the case actually was. Campusland tells the story of a year in the life of students and teachers at an Ivy League-style university. It’s a debut novel that sounds kind of fun. I’m thinking it’ll be Animal House but with less John Belushi.

  • Ill Will by Michael Stewart and Spy in the House of Love by Anais Nin

I’m still leaving these be because I’ve got to that point where I’m too afraid to go back to these books. When I say afraid, I probably just mean lazy but the thought of picking them up again is making me not want to read. And it’s not as if I wasn’t enjoying them. It’s just that I’ve read other things now. So, I’ve seen what else is out there.


Recently Purchased

Haven’t bought anything yet BUT as part of my leaving present I got a £60 book token. This means I’ve got a pretty great book haul coming up. I. Cannot. Wait.


Recently Watched
  • TV Binges –Masterchef Australia
I know I know. I’ve been watching Masterchef Australia for ages now. How am I still doing this? But, to change thing up I watched series 1 and 2 of Derek this weekend. After watching and enjoying After Life I decided I wanted to rewatch this gem. It’s so sweet and I spent most of the time bawling my eyes out.

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