Bookish Post – I’m Stark raving mad for Sansa

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So, once again I’m having to put off my book review until Friday. At this rate, I might as well just do two bookish posts a week. Especially now I have weekends off. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. It means I can do at least one review a week (if I can keep up) and a random post. Of course, it would also mean me coming up with an extra post idea a week and that’s not always worked out well for me. I’ve never been the kind of person who wanted to write content for contents sake. Despite what I might be being told at work. But that’s another rant for another day. Instead, I’m filling my Wednesday night post with a subject that’s close to my heart. A topic that I’ve been getting quite passionate about with a friend of mine. A friend who really wasn’t ready for how much I cared about it. I’ve ranted about this television show before and I will again. That’s the joy of finding something you actually give a shit about. You’ll always find something to be annoyed about and something to absolutely adore. I’m not the kind of person who believes that anything is flawless. That doesn’t sound like much fun to me. I enjoy conflict and feeling conflicted about something I love is the ideal situation. Really, what I’m saying is, I just love debating and arguing about things.

Game of Thrones season 8 is finally here and it kicked off in epic fashion this Sunday. What an episode! There were so many happy moments that fans have been waiting for since the beginning. So much fan service has been paid. All the living Starks are back at Winterfell and, even though Bran has suddenly started being mega creepy, it’s a beautiful thing. Arya and Jon’s reunion was worth the wait. And even creepy Bran had his fun moments. That final look between him and Jaime… it was everything. Arya met up with the Hound again and it was perfect. She met Gendry again and I ship it. All I really needed was Ser Jorah meeting Lyanna Mormont and my life would be complete.

Yes, there were some awful moments. I’ve always hated Dany but watching her tell Sam about his dad and brother just sealed her fate. She’s dead to me. And don’t get me started on that awful Goblet of Fire inspired dragon ride. Urgh, we get it. Dany and Jon: together for ever. Who gives a shit? That sequence went on so long and added nothing to the episode. Well, apart from that Drogon/Jon staring contest. But, aside from that, it’s just another example of the show focusing on these supposed “fan favourites” despite the fact they are the most boring characters. Obviously, there’ll be some tension when Jon finally tells Dany that the throne should be his.

But for now, we’re being forced to watch A Romance of Thrones instead when, really, we should be focusing on the powerhouse that is Sansa Stark. She had so many great moments in this episode yet I still find myself having to defend her to people. Sansa has made many mistakes over the years but she has proved herself to be quite the shrewd young woman. She is the only person to have played the game against these great people and come out on top. She faced Cersei, Littlefinger, and Ramsay. She won. She is still alive and she understands people now. She deserves to be Warden of the North and deserves to be loved by all. I think my favourite moment of the first episode was Arya telling Jon how much she respected Sansa. As if you need any more evidence.

Sansa has had quite the journey on the show and she has grown into quite a woman. Thanks in no small part of Sophie Turner’s amazing performance. Admittedly, Sansa wasn’t great to start with but she was being raised to get married. All she cared about was who her husband was going to be because that’s all anyone wanted from her. As soon as the time came to look after herself she did. With a lot of help at first but that’s a sensible thing. She’s been influenced by clever and powerful people. Not all of them were good people either. She’s sat back, learnt, and has a good understanding of human nature. She doesn’t give much away about herself but she sees a lot more than people think.

Yet people still feel like they need to give her a hard time. It’s the same old story: teenage girl makes mistakes and people never let her forget it. Sansa is the only one to constantly become a better person yet her teenage self is still held over her head. Look at all the mistakes the other characters have made yet they still love Jon. Jon has not made a good strategic decision in the history of the show but my friend still maintains he’s a better ruler. Jon gets himself into situations with no idea how to get out. Every plan he got himself tied up in was sorted out by someone else. His time with Mance Ryder only happened because the Halfhand came up with a plan. Sam has given him so much advice. As has everyone else. Hell, if it wasn’t for Sansa, he would have died at the hands of Ramsay Bolton because he’s fucking idiot.

Jon lets his emotions speak for him. Sansa doesn’t. Jon bent the knee knowing how much it would piss off the North. Why? Cause he was a bit randy. Sansa only thinks about the bigger picture. Not even her father had that ability. It’s been 8 years and I can’t believe I’m still having to say things like this. People celebrate Dany for fucking up everything she touches yet Sansa never gets the respect she deserves. It’s a fucking travesty.

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