Top 10 Throwback Thirty films of 2018

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What were your favourite TBT films in 2018?

You may have noticed that I didn’t post a Sunday Rundown yesterday. That was mostly because, after a bad night’s sleep, I fell asleep before writing it. But it was also a tactical choice. After all, it’s that time of year when I need to start posting my Top 10 lists of the year. So, instead of wasting your time with a rundown of the week, I’m going to waste your time with a rundown of the year. Yep, what a 12 months it’s been. I’ve turned 30… not sure I mentioned it. To celebrate I decided to only watch films that came out in 1988 for my TBR series. It would mean I could watch some old favourites and see some new films. I was looking forward to it but the results were dicey. Thankfully, there were still some amazing films also turning 30 this year. Here are my top 10.


10. The Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen


The second 1988 film I watched this year and it was a cracker. I’d never seen it before so wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a hell of a lot of fun. Something I can imagine watching again and again. My full TBT review can be found here.


9. Midnight Run


Another first time viewing for TBT and a film that I probably should have watched sooner. Robert DeNiro being funny with the guy who played the dad in Beethoven. I could get behind that and, as it turned out, it was pretty good fun too. My full TBT review can be found here.


8. Rain Man


Another classic film that I’d never seen before this year. God, I really didn’t know anything about 1988 films before this series. I’m never convinced by Tom Cruise so I wasn’t sure he’d be any good in this. I’m still not sure he is but Dustin Hoffman is good enough to cover it up. To read my full review, click here.


7. The Shape of Water


Finally, a film that I’d already watched before this series and it’s such a great one. It’s really no shock to me that this is on my list. This is still one of the funniest films in existence and I didn’t exactly need to be pushed into rewatching it. To check out my review click here.


6. Beetlejuice


This film is one of my favourite films to watch. I love Tim Burton, I love Michael Keaton, and I love 80s Alec Bladwin. This film is so much fun and it was only because of some stiff competition that it didn’t end up higher on the list. My full TBT review is here.


5. Get Out


A surprise addition to my Top 10 because I really thought this would be too stupid to bother with. Instead, this is a really funny, silly, and entertaining horror film. I love it and want to watch it as often as possible. If you’re still not convinced then you can check out my review here.


4. A Fish Called Wanda


I have such fond memories of this film. I used to sneak into my older sister’s room and borrow her VHS copy. It’s a weird and hilarious film starring two of the greatest comic minds to come out of Britain. I’ll never tire of it. To read my review click here and, don’t forget, I’M SORRY I ATE YOUR FISH!


3. Die Hard


Saving the best til last for my Throwback Thirty series. My blog is called “Yipee Ki-Yay, Motherbooker”, do I really need to explain why this film is in my Top 10 films of 1988? If you do need more information, then click here for my review. And, welcome to the party, pal.


2. My Neighbor Totoro5_star_rating_system_5_stars

I realise the translated version of this film that I watched didn’t actually come out in 1988 but I still thinks this counts. You can’t take it away from me that Totoro and I are the same age. I won’t listen. My review of this film can be found here.


1.Who Framed Roger RabbitΒ 5_star_rating_system_5_stars

This has been one of my favourite films since I was a kid. It’s an amazing film and there was never going to be a 1988 film that could beat it. My full review is here.

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