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img_4240So my holiday is almost officially over. I got home yesterday evening but I’m not back at work until Tuesday. Still, it’s amazing how quickly I fall into the same routine. Whilst I was away I used every spare moment to read but today I’ve spent most of the day in front of Netflix or on the internet. A week without signal or streaming TV really changes your priorities but as soon as that WiFi is back up it’s all nothing. Still, I’ve managed to get through a lot in the last 7 days so I’m going to try to keep it up. I need to turn everything off earlier and read before bed. It all sounds so easy now but once I’m back to juggling work with blogging and normal life it all changes. We’ll see how it goes I guess.

Weekly Blog Posts

  • TUESDAY’S REVIEWS –  I Feel Pretty (2018)

I’ve probably made said this before but I’m not a fan of Amy Schumer. I don’t think she’s funny and I think she tries too hard to be “controversial” that she fails to be controversial. Rather than proving women are naturally funny she is trying too hard to be laddish. Making it seem as though women can only be funny if they emulate men. Nah, she’s not for me. So, you’re probably already assuming I hate this film. Are you right? Read more here.

  • BOOKISH POST – The RuPaul’s Drag Race Book Tag

With preparing for my holiday and everything I hadn’t finished a book before it came time for to write my Wednesday post. Instead I took the easy way out and picked a fun sounding book tag. If you like silliness, books, and drag queens then click here.

  • THROWBACK THIRTY – The Couch Trip (1988)

When getting ahead for last week’s posts I decided to rewatch a film I haven’t seen for a while that wasn’t originally on my list. I first watched it late one night during the height of my Dan Aykroyd love so I immediately bought a copy on DVD. Had my opinion changed in the last few years? Check out my review here.

Currently Reading

  • The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Ah, holiday reading. It’s amazing what a few days away from home can do to your reading attitude. Admittedly the rainy nights had a bit to do with our decisions to stay inside but I was just ready to have a week of reading as often as possible. I’d finished this book by the second day. Wait for my review on Wednesday.

  • The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

This book took longer to finish because of how epic it was but, after a super late night mid-week, I finally managed it. I’m only annoyed that I didn’t take the second book in the trilogy with me but I’ll start that asap I’m sure. Full review will follow soon.

  • Bad by Chloe Esposito

I’d wanted to read this trashy novel for ages. I bought a cheap hardback before I went on holiday only to discover I already owned it on my Kindle. So I took that away and finished it yesterday.


Currently Reading

  • Kenobi by John Jackson Miller

Okay, so I haven’t officially started this but I took it out of its box with the intention to read it next. I’ve had my eye on this for a while but always felt that I should be reading something more literary. But, having just finished Bad, this suddenly feels much more literary. So I kind of want to give it a go. We’ll see.


Recently Purchased

Even after stopping in Wigtown, Scotland’s Book Town, I did well not to buy books when I was away. The only shopping I did was for 99p eBook copies of Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive series. How could I not? I was enjoying The Final Empire that I couldn’t resist.


Recently Watched 

  • Netflix Binges – OITNB,

I managed to watch about 3/4 episodes of the new series before I went on holiday and I was desperate to finish as soon as I got back. I’ve watched the rest of it today and, boy, do I have feelings. I’m not sure this season was the best. I think the last two seasons were both amazing. However, there was plenty of interesting dynamic changes here and some fun new characters. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes next series.

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