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I’m writing this after angrily unfollowing someone on Instagram for being an idiot. Okay, I shouldn’t call them an idiot but they said something I couldn’t accept. As you will no doubt know by now, I’m super judgmental of people when it comes to certain things and this poor person happened to be discussing a subject near and dear to my heart: Mary Wollstonecraft. She’s everything. Vindication on the Rights of Woman is undeniably great. Letters Written During A Short Residence is undeniably heartbreaking and adorable. Maria is undeniably gothic and awesome. I love her. So am always intrigued when she’s mentioned on Instagram. And today she was. Not just Mary Wollstonecraft either. Mary Shelley and Ada Lovelace were brought into the equation. Now I realise the bringing this up now is super mean and petty of me but I want to get this rant out. Otherwise I’ll go and rant on their post and that really is out-of-order. So this person said

I have long-held a fascination with Byron, Shelley and the Romantic poets and have been hugely gratified to see the women in their lives coming more and more to the fore. Mary Shelley, Ada Lovelace and their respective mothers were sharp, intelligent, radical and creative and it’s always a joy to read about them all in more depth.

Now, aside from the dodgy grammar on show, there is nothing wrong with this sentiment per se. I love people who love the Romantic poets; it’s kind of my jam. I have two dissertations to prove that its my favourite literary period. And I always love seeing other people embracing the women of this period. But, what riled me, was the idea that these women are only just being recognised. And the fact that Mary Wollstonecraft was relegated to the role of Mary Shelley’s mother. The fucking mother of feminism doesn’t even deserve to be name-checked! What? But the whole thing just reminded me of the time Donald Trump pretended he knew who Frederick Douglass was and how he was being “recognised more and more”. Mary Shelley wrote one of the most read, most popular, and most adapted pieces of fiction in the last 200 years. Mary Wollstonecraft is one of the most important female writers ever. And Ada Lovelace was a fucking genius. These women have been, rightly, celebrated for years. It’s just a vacuous statement that is intended to make you seem like you have so much depth. But it’s just stupid. And I got unnecessarily angry about it. So angry I’ve made you all pay the price. Sorry, let’s get on with the rundown and pretend this never happened…

Weekly Blog Posts

  • TUESDAY’S REVIEWS –  Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

I remember the first time I watched Jurassic Park as a kid. I can’t remember how old I was but I was genuinely terrified of that spitty dinosaur. I don’t think I slept very well that night. But, even with that knowledge deep in my memory, I still bloody love that film. And have eagerly awaited every follow-up. They’ve not always been the greatest but I’ve always been willing to give my money away to find out. Would this latest one live up to its hype? Find out in my review here.

  • BOOK REVIEW – Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero

I finally finished another book. This reading slump is now a thing of the past. I’m a fucking reading machine at the moment…. okay none of you are stupid enough to fall for that but, considering I was reading Frankenstein  Baghdad for over two months, it’s a massive change. To read my second published book review of this month click here.

  • THROWBACK THIRTY – Punchline (1988)

Tom Hanks? Telling jokes? In the 80s? I wasn’t sure what to make of this tale of stand-up comics before I watched it this week. Did I enjoy it? You’ll have to check out my review here.

Currently Reading

  • White Houses by Amy Bloom

This one has fallen by the wayside somewhat lately because I’m obsessed with my other read at the moment.

  • Less by Andrew Sean Greer
I was kind of hoping that I’d have finished this before the end of June but I’m so close. Give me a day or so and I’ll be there. I’m loving everything about this book and I cannot wait to finish it. And then force the people in my life to read it. I’m not even sorry. It’s fantastic.


Recently Purchased

I think I’ve done it again and not bought anything new this week. If only I’d been this good during my reading slump. I’d possibly have got back into reading a little easier.


Recently Watched 

  • Netflix Binges – GLOW, Nailed It,

Last night I was out with some friends and they were telling me about all of the great documentaries they’ve been watching on Netflix. I was silently sitting there thinking “I can’t wait to watch more of season 2 of Nailed It. I don’t really use Netflix for anything other than their ridiculous shows at the moment. Shows where idiots fail to bake cakes that have been popular on Pinterest. I’m not proud but I’m not going to stop. And I think I watched Glow in about a day. Series 2 was a solid season and, for the most part, I enjoyed it, Alison Brie is fantastic and it tackled some heavy issues. I think the #metoo thing kind of worked but it was on the edge. The only thing I didn’t approve of was the way it handled LGBT issues. There are so many awkward and awful representations on-screen that I hope gets better next season.

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