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Today I finally got to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and I’m so happy. I’ve been excited about it for ages and I’m so glad I managed to see it so quickly. I think it was quick anyway. How long has it been out now? Probably ages. Still, I’m on a bit of a dinosaur high and kind of forgot about tonight’s post. I don’t know what’s up with my lately but I’m sure getting forgetful in my old age. So, being my I haven’t finished my current read in time to write a review so I’ve been madly looking for inspiration all night. Stumbling across the Jurassic Park book tag on YouTube feels like fate right now. I’m not a massive fan of doing this (especially when I’m doing them off my own back and not because someone wants me to) but sometimes needs must. And it’s not as if it’s going to hurt anyone or anything other than my pride.

1.What’s your favorite dinosaur?

I don’t know if I’ve ever really thought about what my favourite dinosaur is but this seems like a good opportunity to really lock down my answer. I guess my first instinct is to go for the Triceratops or the Diplodocus. I kind of liked them when I was a kid probably because they’re quite cute. Nowadays, I think the Ankylosaurus is pretty cool. I mean it’s made of spiky armour. It’s fucking cool. So one of those three I guess.
2. Alan Grant: Name a book character you think would survive Jurassic Park

As much as I don’t want to say this, my first thought was Daenerys Targaryen. I mean she can control dragons so maybe that will translate to dinosaurs? I mean it seems unlikely. She’s actually a pretty rubbish character so I imagine she’d be killed early on. She’d want to try to free them all but then really fuck everything up. Like she always does. So, I’ll probably just say Professor McGonagall because even a T-Rex would stop in its tracks when Minerva was on the warpath.
3. Ellie Sattler: Name a character who is willing to risk their life to save others

Erm, loads. To get super specific, Boromir from Lord of the Rings. I guess I’m a little biased because I love him but he did give up his life to save the hobbits. Yes, there was that little thing about him trying to steal the ring but he did the right thing in the end. And that’s all that counts. It’s time Boromir got more love.
4. Ian Malcolm: A book in which you could predict the ending

Anything that describes itself as a psychological thriller. They’re all awful. Girl on a Train was so painfully obvious that it’s just sad. I mean anyone who didn’t guess who killed her from the first few chapters really wasn’t paying attention. That book is not only badly plotted but just badly written. I don’t know how it became such a huge hit.
5. Dennis Nedry: A character(s) who is willing to put others in danger for their own benefit

When I first read this question I initially started thinking about villainous characters. I think it’s an obvious thing to do and people like Cersei Lannister were popping into my head. Still, I decided to go in another direction: Albus Dumbledore. I know I know. How dare I say anything against the blue-eyed wizard who everyone loves? Well, I’m of the opinion that, behind the uninspiring aphorisms that he spouts, he is actually a super cunning bastard. Look how he manipulates everyone around him. Snape, Harry, everyone is willing to blindly follow him despite the fact that he doesn’t tell them anything. Who knows what he’s up to. It’s something I’m a little obsessed with. Check out another rant I wrote on this very subject.
6. Brachiosaurus: A book that took you a long time to finish

Frankenstein in Baghdad took me ages. I started reading it in April and only finish it last week. That’s not because it’s a bad book but because I was in the mother of all reading slumps at the time. It’s actually amazing. If you don’t believe me check out my review here.
7. T-Rex: A book you found intimidating but ended up loving

I totally had another answer written for this when a great idea popped into my head: The Return of the King by JRR Tolkein. Honestly, I mean I could open this up to be the entire trilogy because it took me so many attempts to really start the first one. Still, it was the final book in the series that really got me. There are so many endings and it’s such a long, drawn-out plot. I thought I was never going to finish so, the first time, I just didn’t. Now, I count these books as some of my favourites and it’s definitely a series that shaped me as a reader.
8. Velociraptor: A book that’s fast paced

The book I’m currently reading, Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero, feels super fast paced. I was expecting it to be bogged down in flashbacks, in-jokes, and exposition but it’s getting to the action really quickly. It makes a nice change. It’s a fun little book that I’ve really enjoyed reading.
9. Pterodactyl: A book that flew you to another world

One of my favourite reads of this year was Above the Star by Alexis Marie Chute. I received an ARC earlier this year and was blown away by the fantasy land that Chute had created. It was so lush and artistic that it felt so real. I don’t think I’ve been as immersed in a fictional world quite like this since I first read Tolkein. It’s definitely worth a read. Check out my review here.

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