Throwback Thirty – The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988)

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300px-thenakedguncover5_star_rating_system_4_stars1 Okay, being completely upfront, this week has been super stressful. Work has been a nightmare and I’ve been forced to take on extra responsibility. I’m not quite in the groove with my schedule yet so have been rubbish at keeping on top of my posts. For the first time in ages I’ve missed a weekly post yesterday but I was just too exhausted. As for today, well it just went from bad to worse. My shifts changed last minute earlier in the week so I was forced to trawl Netflix for a quick TBT film to watch for today. Unfortunately, the one that I watched may not actually have been released in 1988. Every thing I’ve seen about it since says that it was released in 1989 and, as someone who likes to stick to the arbitrary rules she sets herself on a blog nobody really reads, I decided I had to watch something that was definitely released the year I was born. So about 2.5 hours ago I rewatched The Naked Gun just for this post. Now I’m desperately trying to finish this post before midnight. It’s like I’m Jack Bauer in a really boring episode of 24. This is going to be the longest blog post of my life.

I’m not complaining about the situation too much, obviously: The Naked Gun is a fantastic film. I haven’t seen it for absolutely ages so I thoroughly enjoyed getting the chance too again. It’s the kind of classic, silly film that you can rewatch and still find hilarious no matter how often you hear the jokes. It’s the kind of film that you find yourself laughing at despite the fact that you know the comedy is absolutely ridiculous. It’s full of the kind of cringey gags that, in any other situation, would leave you groaning about how bad they are. However, stuffed in this package, it’s just delightful and always entertaining.

This is, of course, mostly thanks to the delivery of main star Leslie Nielsen who plays every joke completely straight. He is one of the funniest performers to ever step on screen and can land any joke that falls in his lap. You know you’re in safe hands when Nielsen is on screen. So it’s difficult to watch this film with a critical eye. I mean, yes, there are undoubtedly issues with this film. For a start, it is crass, questionably sexist, and generally skirting the edge of offensive. But it doesn’t really matter. It’s so full of silliness and an innocent charm that you can’t help it.

Obviously, watching it now there is the OJ question but, considering my main knowledge of that whole situation if courtesy of The People vs OJ, I don’t really feel like I should comment on it here. Really, the main criticism that I might be able to summon up for this film is that it’s not as good as Airplane. Yes, it might not be as good as the 1980 smash-hit but The Naked Gun is a great cop movie spoof. It might not be big or clever but it is fucking funny.

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