Sunday Rundown – That’s What She Read


So I’m entering the final week of my 30 Books For My 30th project and it’s been interesting. I’m still managing to keep on top of schedule pretty well, which I’m super proud of. I still find it a bit strange being quite so personal in my reviews but it’s been good to open up. I think it’s helped my writing, which is always a good thing. We’ll see what the final week brings. Other than that, it’s been a week of ups and downs. Work has been okay until they messed up my holiday pay. I say messed up when I actually mean they told me I had more to use than I did. Essentially they just didn’t pay me for a couple of days but tried to blame me for it. It’s always nice to feel respected by the people you work for. It’ll get sorted though. It’s just been a bit disheartening over the last few days. Of course, with the threat of more snow this week we could see it go back to being really quiet, which is even more disheartening. There’s nothing like being inside on a really slow snow day! I’d much rather be in bed getting some reading done. If only I could find a way to make money out of it…
Weekly Blog Posts

  • 30 Books For My 30th

I’ve just posted book number 24 of my new project. If you haven’t read any of my letters to the books that shaped my life yet then go back to the start here.

  • TUESDAY’S REVIEWS – I, Tonya (2017)

Recently, Mark Kermode and I have been in sync with out opinions on films. Only I’m not as capable of transforming my thoughts into coherent and interesting sentences as he is. I had heard he was loving Margot Robbie after seeing I, Tonya so I was pretty sure I’d enjoy it. Check out if I agree with Mr Kermode in my review here.

  • BOOK REVIEW – Wizards and Robots by Will.I.Am and Brian David Johnson

I actually did it. I posted something for my bookish Wednesday for the first time all month. That means, of you count each individual 30 Books For My 30th post, I’ve written 11 things this week. But I felt like WAR deserved a proper review and I didn’t want to wait until April. Check out my review of Will.I.Am’s brush with YA science-fiction here.

  • THROWBACK THIRTY – A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

Another of my favourite films from when I was younger for this weeks TBT post. Since rewatching this I’ve been constantly quoting this film. It’s so nice to find an excuse to revisit classic films. To read my review click here.

Just Finished

  • Hostage by Guy Delisle

Okay, so I’ve officially got a few pages left as I type this but I’ll be done before I go to bed. I want to properly review this on Wednesday so I won’t say much. Still, if you like graphic novels and non-fiction then I’d say get this books ASAP.

Currently Reading

  • Frankenstein in Baghdad by Ahmed Saadawi

I started this a few days ago. I still haven’t got very far but my expectations are so high. I’ve seen nothing but praise or a desire to read this from people. Plus, Frankenstein is an incredibly book to rework, especially in this setting. I just need to read quicker.

Recently Purchased

Was supposed to be being really good this week but a quick stop into a charity bookshop ended in disaster… for my bank balance anyway.

  • Oxfam Books Haul – I wanted to find a super cheap copy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s for a recent Instagram post because the only copy I have is in a Truman Capote collection. It was supposed to be a simple, one-book trip. It didn’t end up like that.
    • Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote – Managed to find a cheap and pretty Penguin edition of this book. You’ll see it on my Instagram for today’s #bookreadhappyhour prompt.
    • Folio society editions – Yep, sitting in the section of New Additions were a whole bunch of cheap Folio Society editions. Most in great condition and with their slipcases. I bought 4 but I find it difficult to care because they’re gorgeous, cheap, and for a good cause. They were:
      • The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton from 1990
      • Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham from 2011
      • Songs of Innocence and of Experience by William Blake from 2010
      • In Search of England by H.V. Morton from 2002

Recently Watched 

  • Netflix Binges: Nailed ItThe Frankenstein ChroniclesThe Mighty BooshSkin Wars: Fresh Paint

So I watched Netflix#s new baking show about hilarious baking fails in about 2 days. I thought I was gonna love it but I kind of hated it. I loved the concept but it was such an annoying format. I’ve seen it described as the antidote to The Great British Bake Off but I’d rather just watch that. Then, at my sister’s recommendation, I watched Sean Bean in The Frankenstein Chronicles. It was pretty good really. Plus, I’ve been hearing things in Sean’s accent ever since and that has really cheered me up at work. Then, after a coworker, mentioned watching The Mighty Boosh I got the taste and started rewatching. Series 1 and 2 really are sensational television. Finally, to get my RuPaul fix, I started watching his show about body painting. It’s no Drag Race but it is strangely addictive.

  • 100 Movies Bucket List

Not even tried. I need to up my game, man.

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