Sunday Rundown – That’s What She Read


My 10 days holiday came to an end this week and on Thursday I had to go back to work. The 3 days that I was there were a mixed bag. Day 1 was pretty okay but day 2 was one of my dark days and my mood was all over the place. By day 3 I was over it and just counting down the minutes til I could leave.  I love the people I work with but it’s time for a change. It’s getting more difficult to summon up the passion for something I’ve reached the end of my road with. I love food but catering isn’t for me. So I’ve been approaching job applications with more gusto today. I sent out 2 applications that I’m crossing my fingers for. One of them in particular sounds like it’s exactly what I’m looking for. History tells me it’s not dangerous to get my hopes up but I really tried to put myself out there. Someday I’m sure someone will see what an awesome human being I am… right? At least I can distract myself with my daily posts at the moment. I’m incredibly proud that I’m over halfway through March and I haven’t missed a day yet. It’s getting so much easier to write my posts now that I’m so accustomed to sitting down every day. I should have done this years ago.
Weekly Blog Posts

  • 30 Books For My 30th

I’ve just posted book number 17 of my new project. If you haven’t read any of my letters to the books that shaped my life yet then go back to the start here.

  • TUESDAY’S REVIEWS – Downsizing (2017)

Tiny Matt Damon? As if I was ever going to see the trailer for this movie and not want to watch it. It ended up being a bit different to the film I was expecting though. You can find out more from my review. Check it out here.


I very nearly went against what I’d said last week and posted something today. I’ve had an idea swimming around in my head for a while now and am desperate to get it down. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, time got away from me on Wednesday so maybe next week.

  • THROWBACK THIRTY – Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

Boom! We’re finally here. My personal number 1 film of 1988. I’ve been desperately waiting to get the chance to watch this film since I started this TBT project. It was heaven. I’m sure you can tell what’s coming but feel free to read my review here.

Currently Reading

  • WAR by Will.I.Am and Brian David Johnson

Once I’ve posted this rundown on my blog I am getting ready to finish this book tonight. After a disappointing first week, I’ve stormed through this book. I’m enjoying it much more than I thought I would. I’m so invested in this thing now. Who would have thought Will.I.Am could write YA science-fiction I would love?

  • Hostage by Guy Delisle

I bought this on Thursday 8th of March from Amazon but the package didn’t turn up until this Thursday. I was annoyed because I’ve been desperate to read this graphic novel since I ordered it. I finally started it today and it’s so intense. The story, based on real events, is horrifying and tragic. The artwork works perfectly in tandem with the narrative. I’d recommend this to anyone.

Recently Purchased

Oh god, what haven’t I bought this week? I’m so ashamed. But I’m of the mind that anything I spend during the week of my birthday doesn’t really count.

  • WH Smith Haul – I got an email about special editions and you know there was no way I wasn’t clicking on that. Minutes later I’ve bought 2 books and am lusting after way more. That bookish life.
    • The Dinner Guest by Gabriela Ybarra – A book that I read about when it was longlisted for the Man Booker International Prize. I was obsessed and knew I had to have it. My plan it to read Frankenstein in Baghdad after WAR and then this. Hopefully they’ll end up in the shortlist along with my current front-runner (i.e. the only one I’ve actually read) 7th Function of Language.
    • Comet in Moominland: Special Collectors’ Edition By: Tove Jansson – I love the Moomins anyway and this collector’s edition was on offer. It’s beautiful and I wanted it. Does that really make me a bad person?

Recently Watched 

  • Netflix Binges: RuPaul’s Drag Race

Just about to finish season 9, bitches. God, I love this show so much. I want to be a drag queen. I want to meet RuPaul. I want to lip sync for my life. Argh, it’s all so wonderful.

  • 100 Movies Bucket List

I managed one film this week. It’s not great. Especially considering I’ve worked out that, in order to finish by December, I need to watch 10 films a month for the rest of the year. Adding that to the films I need to watch for my weekly posts and all the reading I want to do, I’m starting to think I either need to retire or give myself a more realistic time frame.

  • Mean Girls – I haven’t seen this film in a while and I’d forgotten how good it is. Tina Fey did a wonderful job with the script and the cast is perfect. It really is a great film exploring the realities of being a teenage girl. I’ll always love it.

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