Sunday Rundown – That’s What She Read


So, it’s 11 days into March and, so far, I’ve posted a letter every day for my 30 Books For My 30th project. Some of them have been lower quality than the others but that either comes from time constraints or failing to re-familiarise myself with the book. I should, really, have planned this better but when have I ever planned anything for this blog? My tagline should really read “winging it 4 days a week” or something. Still, I’m hopeful I can get to the end of the month without breaking my streak. It’s actually be quite fun. Talking of fun (she says in the worst segue ever), last night my friends and I went out for my birthday and it was awesome. I’d found an escape room that was themed around The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. We basically had to solve clues to save Narnia from the evil queen. We just about managed to do it. We ended up with 85 seconds to spare so it got super intense. Much more intense than it should have been. It made me want to reread the books again. It’s been such a long time and, I’m pretty sure, that I never actually read them all. But, as we’re seeing within my letters, I don’t have the most reliable memory.Weekly Blog Posts

  • 30 Books For My 30th

I’ve just posted book number 10 of my new project. If you haven’t read any of my letters to the books that shaped my life yet then go back to the start here.

  • TUESDAY’S REVIEWS – Best Picture Roundup

Following on from last week’s Oscars, I decided to do a final roundup of all the Best Picture nominees that I hadn’t done a full review for. It was a short review of the films The PostThe Phantom ThreadCall Me By Your Name, and Get Out. If you’re interested in a super basic analysis of these films then check it out here.


Not only have I not been reading enough this month to make this post, I decided that one bookish post a day was enough. I think that, unless I finish a book and am desperate to review, I’ll avoid a standalone Wednesday posts until the month is over.

  • THROWBACK THIRTY – The Land Before Time (1988)

Before Jurassic Park came out I had to get my film based fill of dinosaurs from somewhere. This week for my look back at films from 1988 I watch an animated film that I haven’t watched in decades. To find out more click here.

Currently Reading

  • WAR by Will.I.Am and Brian David Johnson

Unlike last week, when I’d only read half of the prologue, I’m actually a few chapters into the book now but it’s not enough to say anything major has happened. I so want to enjoy this but I’ve been so busy this week with birthday things and an increased blogging load that I’ve let my reading slip. I’ll try to be better for the rest of the month.

Recently Purchased

Oh god, what haven’t I bought this week? I’m so ashamed. But I’m of the mind that anything I spend during the week of my birthday doesn’t really count.

  • Sale books – I was waiting for a friend to meet me in Leeds the other day so popped into Waterstones. I spent ages going through everything and picked up two bargain books that I love but definitely don’t need. They were:
    • Mischling by Affinity Konar – a book I’ve wanted for such a long time and, seeing it was only £3, felt I couldn’t ignore.
    • Boundless Books by Postertext – a book of artwork made using the text from certain books. It’s incredible and was half price. I couldn’t resist.
  • Amazon haul – Whilst in Waterstones I found two books that I really wanted but that were too expensive to justify. I mean maybe had it been an independent store I could have talked myself into it but not Waterstones. Thankfully, Amazon came through with a good deal.
    • Hostage by Guy Delisle – a graphic novel about Christophe André’s three months as a hostage. He was kidnapped in 1997 and held in solitary confinement. The story sounds harrowing enough but Delisle has chosen a muted style that perfectly works with the narrative. I’m sure this is going to be a difficult read but it looks incredible.
    • Byron’s Letters and Journals: A New Selection by Richard Lansdown – As you’ve probably guessed if you’ve read any of my 30 Books For My 30th project, I’m kind of obsessed with letters. I love reading the letters of famous writers. It’s always so interesting to see them in their personal moments and using their personal voices. One of the topics for an upcoming letter is Byron because I’m equally obsessed with him. Not just his poetry but his life. I adore that man so, upon finding this massive collection, I couldn’t help but buy it. And with only 1 left on Amazon, I really couldn’t hand around.

Recently Watched 

  • Netflix Binges: RuPaul’s Drag Race

Started watching this again. They don’t have season 1 on Netflix UK so I started at 2 and I’m up to about 6 now. I love it. Although, I’ve discovered I can’t talk about it without using its full title which makes me sound like a massive dick.

  • 100 Movies Bucket List

If I couldn’t even get through any reading this week then how would I possibly have been able to fit in another of these films? I’m probably not going to make this challenge.

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