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You catch me on day 4 of my new blog project that sees me writing a letter every single day. So far, I’m finding it okay. I mean I’d hoped to get a bit ahead of schedule by now but I’m not worried. I have about 10 days off work from now so I’m going to use my time wisely. Meaning I won’t get anything done and by this time next week I’ll be stressing out big time. Still, by the time I’m back at work I’ll be almost halfway through the 30 books and that’s something. On the plus side, all of this writing has meant I’ve virtually forgotten that tomorrow is actually my 30th birthday. Not that I’m too bothered by the age thing anyway. I’ve sort of been stuck at 16 for the past 14 years and I can’t see me growing up much any time soon.

Weekly Blog Posts

  • 30 Books For My 30th

I’ve just posted book number 3 of my new project. If you haven’t read any of my letters to the books that shaped my life yet then go back to the start here.

  • TUESDAY’S REVIEWS – The Darkest Hour (2017)

Tonight if the Oscars and I actually managed to finish my quest to watch all the nominations for Best Picture. I watched the last film, Call Me By Your Name, yesterday. I had intended to make some predictions but decided my time was better spent having a nap when I finished work. Still if Gary Oldman doesn’t win for his performance here then somethings wrong with the world. Check out my review of his turn playing Churchill here.

  • BOOK REVIEW – The Explorer by Katherine Rundell

I bought this book because it sounded like a nicer version of Lord of the Flies. And, as anyone that’s read letter number 1 on the 30 Books For My 30th list will know, I bloody love Lord of the Flies. To find out if The Explorer lived up to its predecessor check out my review here.

  • THROWBACK THIRTY – Big (1988)

What’s the creepiest film you’ve ever seen? If you answered that question with anything other than Big then you are wrong. This film is creepy, it’s weird, and I don’t understand why it’s such a classic. Find out why here.

Just Finished

  • Paddington Turns Detective and Other Funny Stories by Michael Bond

I picked this up on World Book Day for £1 along with another book by Tom ‘I used to be in McFly’ Fletcher. It was £1 and was about Paddington. I couldn’t really say no.

Currently Reading

  • WAR by Will.I.Am and Brian David Johnson

Although, to say I’m reading this is a bit misleading. I started it last night but fell asleep midway through the prologue. I’m dead excited about this, though. For one things its’ about wizards AND robots. What could be better? For another, it’s written by Will.I.Am for fuck’s sake. That guy is kind of insane. What kind of book is he going to write?

Recently Purchased

So after being so good last week, I caved and bought a few books this week. Some were from a charity shop and the others were super cheap anyway. 

  • World Book Day Books – Both £1 each so they barely count but I picked 2 up during a quick supermarket trip. Paddington Turns Detective by Michael Bond and Brain Freeze by Tom Fletcher. What’s the harm?
  • Bookshop haul – I thought I’d done really well this week until I remembered I bought 4 new books during the boring snow days this week. They’re all great but I should be doing better by now.
    • Howard’s End is on the Landing and Jacob’s Room is Full of Books by Susan Hill – the thing about my new 30 Books for My 30th project is that I’m becoming a bit obsessed with the consequences of reading. I’ve been eyeing up these Susan Hill books for a while and, now that I’m forcing myself to reflect on my reading history, decided I wanted to share Hill’s experience too.
    • A History of Britain in 21 Women and Votes for Women! by Jenni Murray – Bought on offer whilst on my lunch break and during a time when I was feeling fully feminist. I’ll always be drawn to books that celebrate the achievement of great women and I’m excited to read these soon.

Recently Watched 

  • Netflix Binges: Ab Fab13 Going on 30

Watched all of the episodes on Netflix of the classic BBC sitcom and it’s still so funny. Joanna Lumley is hilarious as Patsy. I adore her. Of course, now Netflix is pretty convinced I’m a gay man so keeps pushing Queer Eye on me. Now I’m not going to sit here and pretend I won’t watch it but I don’t like the instant connection between the two shows. Stop presuming Netflix. Then, because I was still traumatised about rewatching Big this week, I decided to revisit one of its cousins. This film is possibly marginally less creepy but incredibly shitter than the 80s version. The only real positive is Mark Ruffalo’s lovely face. That man has done a lot of terrible movies in his time.

  • Oscar Best Pictures

So I made it. I watched all 3 remaining films on my list. The Phantom ThreadCall Me By Your Name and The Post. I’m not sure what to do with these. I may do a quick review of each in Tuesday’s reviews because I have things to say about all of them but not enough to do a full review. It seems like the best thing. Check back soon.

  • 100 Movies Bucket List

Only managed to add one other film to my list this week but it’s one I haven’t seen in ages so it’s all good.

  • The Truman Show (1998) – I loved this film when I was younger. It was so clever and intense. The premise is still so good 20 years later and it’s still incredibly relevant. A story about a society that is dangerously obsessed with the cult of celebrity and with media stars. It’s so good and Jim Carey is perfect. I need to remember to watch this film more regularly. It’s wonderful.

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