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Weekly Blog Posts

  • TUESDAY’S REVIEWS – Paddington 2 (2017)

Paddington 2 has become one of the films to get that elusive 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Even though I hadn’t seen the first one but I decided it was time to see what all the fuss was about. Find out for yourself here

  • BOOK REVIEW – How Not to Be a Boy by Robert Webb

Do you like heartbreaking but funny memoirs that start conversations about gender conditioning? Well, when they’re written by one of my favourite comedy writers I do. See if you’d be interested by reading my review here.

  • THROWBACK THIRTY – Beetlejuice (1988)

This is my third 1988 film of this year to celebrate my 30th birthday in March. It’s a film that I’ve always really loved so I was excited to watch it again. Never seen it? Find out if it’s for you here.

Just Read
  • How Not to be a Boy by Robert Webb
As you can tell from my above roundup, I finished listening to this book this week. You can read more in my review (here) but, for now, I’ll just say listening to audiobook really enhanced this experience. Obviously the book is a great read but there’s something about hearing it in the writer’s own voice that makes everything easier to connect to. You can feel his emotional response to his memories. If you want to read this then I’d recommend the audiobook.

  • Your Creative Career by Anna Sabino
 I got an advance copy of this book, being released January 22nd, from Anna Sabino and it’s an interesting read. It’s a guide to help you start your creative career that offers tips and advise for turning your passion into a viable way to earn a living. Anna Sabino is an artist who has made her own way in life on just her own will and talent. She uses her own experiences as well as a ton of research to help her readers do it themselves. I won’t pretend this guide is going to really revolutionise the way you approach your creative career and I’m not sure it helped me personally. However, if you are trying to make a career out of your creative pursuit (whatever that may be) then it will certainly help you get started. Anna writes in a really accessible way and gives you plenty of areas to think about. Leaving space for making notes, she will help you figure out what you want and the best way to get it.
Currently Reading
  • When the Serpent Bites by Nesly Clerge
This wasn’t the book that I was expecting to read next but I got the chance to read this in exchange for my review. I’m not normally a big lover of crime thrillers but I’m always looking for a decent one. This novel tells the story of a man who ends up in prison thanks to a huge personal betrayal from his wife. I’m interested to see where this is going.

Recently Purchased 

I’ve been quite good this week and not bought any new books. I have, unfortunately, bought a few old books. I’ve decided that second-hand books aren’t included in my no buying rule of this year. Especially when it’s from a charity shop… I mean I’m saving lives people.
  • Oxfam haul – After Christmas I bought a cheap vinyl player because I’ve been putting off confirming my status as fully-fledged hipster. However, I kept amassing old vinyl without having a way to play it. Since then I’ve been searching for more so this was meant to be a simple record haul. Whilst I did managed to score some great ones, I also stumbled across beautiful copies of some Henry Miller books. In the next few days you’ll be seeing my new copies of Tropic of Capricorn and Tropic of Cancer on my Instagram feed. I love them.
  • Vintage Penguins – You guys should know that I can’t resist a vintage Penguin book or 6. There was a sale on recently and I found it too hard not to keep adding stuff to my cart. There are some beauties though.
Recently Watched 
  • Netflix Binges: Friends,
So I’m still doing my Friends catch-up but the longer I rewatch the series the more I realise how awful this show is. I mean it’s super offensive to nearly everybody. There are so many terrible and unnecessary gay jokes, jokes about women, and just un-PC humour. All the jokes about Chandler’s father are terrible, the times when everyone calls Chandler gay for doing completely normal things and the stuff about Ross not letting his son play with a doll are all super ridiculous. There’s a joke which is entirely based around the idea that women looking at a lad’s mag is funny. Yeah, women being shown to have an interest in sex is a fucking punchline. I know this show ended 14 years ago but, seriously, some of this humour feels like it’s 50 years old. And the characters? They’re all so awful and prejudiced in their own way. Ross? He’s the fucking worst human being ever. Doesn’t really care about his kids, a complete control freak, jealous, homophobic, whiny, cheating… I mean the list goes on. All of these people are just terrible. How has everyone ignored this for so long?

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