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Can you believe that we’re a week into 2018 already? I already feel myself becoming the ‘new me’. I’ve posted a record breaking 5 times this week and have got more than halfway through a book. I know! Who the fuck am I? I’m under no illusion that this greatness will last but I feel like making small resolutions that aren’t really resolutions is working better for me. It’s stuff like read more but only when you want to. Drink more water. Spend less. I’m not the kind of person who can just suddenly make major changes in their lifestyle. I’d never be able to wake up one day thinking “eating meat is a terrible strain on the environment” and just give up meat. I’d be craving chicken nuggets in no time. Secretly making trips to the supermarket to buy packets of sliced meat and eating them in dark alleyways to hide my shame. I’d need at least 2 months before I could even contemplate the idea of never eating steak again… and I so rarely eat steak. Ha ha ha! Rarely!? Steak!? Geddit? Nope? Okay, on with the business at hand.

Weekly Blog Posts


On 1st Janary I posted my blogging intentions for 2018. It wasn’t very exciting but it did involve me vowing to drag out my 30th birthday for as long as possible. Find out more here.


It was a long time between my viewing of the latest Star Wars film and my review. As such it became less like a proper review and more of a rant about the fandom as a whole. Do you miss my old school rant posts? Then go back in time here.


Finally, I had another book to review. It’s amazing. I only read Autumn by Ali Smith because I’m a petty individual. Want to find our more about it then click here.


My new TBT series has changed slightly to only include films that are also celebrating 30th birthdays this year. I have a special film jar just for it. My first pick was this Arnie and Danny DeVito buddy movie. Click here for my review.


I have been given the wonderful opportunity to work with writer and artist Alexis Marie Chute to help reveal the cover of her latest novel on Instagram. To coincide with this I wrote a post detailing the plot and more about Alexis. I’m also hosting a giveaway so you might be able to win a book. Find out more here.

Currently Reading
  • The Power by Naomi Alderman
I’ve decided that this is the year that I finally make a dent in my list of unread books. I’m partly trying to participate in an Instagram concept called the Unread Shelf Project, which gets participants to agree to not buying new books and only reading from their TBR pile. I think I need it. So I finally started the book everyone was talking about last year. I say reading but I’m doing a mix of physical book and audiobook. I’m nearly halfway through. I feel great about my reading so far.

Recently Purchased 

As I mentioned above I’m kind of participating in a project that means I don’t get to buy new books. I say “kind of” because I’d already bought 2 new books this year before I knew the project existed.
  • You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine by Alexandra Kleeman – Thankfully, the two books I mentioned above happen to be the same book. I’ve wanted to read this book for years but, for ages, all I could do was find a super expensive hardback. Then I forgot about it until I found a great paperback version. Then I found another one. So I decided to buy both. Although, one of them wasn’t the cover I wanted. So it sucks.
Recently Watched 
  • Netflix Binges: Friends, The Grand Tour, Black Mirror, Catastrophe
Very excited to have Friends on UK Netflix so have been enjoying a quick binge this afternoon. I kind of hate watching this show now because of how familiar it is but it’s so good I can’t stop. At the same time, I’ve still got about a week on my Amazon Prime trial so I’m catching up with a few shows I’ve missed. I watched series 1 of Catastrophe which is a cute comedy but I’m not wowed by it. I think I can afford to miss it. If I carry on it’ll only be because of Carrie Fisher. And I’m still not sure if I like The Grand Tour. I used to love Top Gear back in the day but I think the move to Amazon has just made the trio sillier and more irritating. I just find myself more annoyed by how old, idiotic and prejudiced they all are. Even James May is moving closer into terrible middle aged man territory instead of just lovable geek. I also managed to finish Black Mirror and I have to say this wasn’t my favourite overall season but there are some cracking episodes. The first one and the last one were pretty good and I loved ‘Hang the DJ’. The others were a bit meh. I still think Black Mirror was best in the first and second seasons. But I’ve always been a traditionalist.

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