Blog Update: The story of how one blogger intends to drag out her 30th birthday for an entire year

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Today is the first of January and a traditional time for people to make promises that they have no intention of keeping. So it seems fitting that I lay out my plans for my blog because chances are, my life will become so hectic again that I fail to live up to my promises. A common thread I’ve been coming back to on Instagram these days is one of setting goals. In that context, it is mostly about TBRs and the negative impact they can have on your reading. I’m not the kind of person who likes to set herself reading goals because I don’t see reading as a competitive sport. I’m not active on my Goodreads account so maybe that explains my lack of drive. I just don’t see what the number of books you read in a year has to do with you as a person. Why do some feel the need to constantly brag about it? If anything, I’d find it suspicious if people were getting through too many books a year. I mean, how well can they be reading each individual book? What are they sacrificing in the rest of their lives to give so much time over to reading? I work 9-10 hour shifts 5 days a week. I simply don’t have the time to read that much… or at least I don’t if I want to get enough sleep to be able to function at a physically demanding job. It’s something that has always confused me about certain members of the bookish community. It’s as if there are better readers than others and the only way to tell is by keeping a tally of the books they’ve read. This is bollocks.

But I’ve gone off on a tangent once again and this has nothing to do with my update. It just has everything to do with me warning people in advance that this is subject to change at the slightest provocation. Just think of me as the UK rail services… even the slightest hint of snow and everything goes to shit. Still, it’s very early in the New Year so we’re all firmly within that positive mindset that this is going to be THE year. This is going to be our year. Well, if nothing else this is going to be the year that I turn 30. Yep, in just over 2 months I shall no longer be able to describe myself as someone in her late 20s. It’s a weird thing. Not because I’m that bothered about it but because so many people expect me to be bothered about it. To be honest, turning 30 isn’t getting to me because I don’t think I’ve ever felt my age. I’m half an 80-year-old grandma and half 16-year-old boy. I don’t see how the fact that the first digit in my age is about to change will alter that fact.

Still, it is something of a momentous occasion. Despite having achieved must less than I’d expected by this age, turning 30 is something to celebrate and, because I’m so narcissistic and self-obsessed, I’ve decided my blog is a great way to make this entire year all about me. For starters, I plan on using my established TBT segment to only showcase films from 1988. I have picked a selection of titles, some more dubious than others, and put them in a jar. Each week I will randomly pick one title to review that Thursday. Some I’ve seen before and others, most of them to be honest, are new to me. It’ll be fun… I mean it won’t be more or less fun than my current TBT offerings but it will at least give us all an idea of what cinema was like the year I was born. I’m guessing it won’t be great considering the winners at the 61st academy awards.

Secondly, I have every intention to start a new feature concerning the books (and probably films) that have shaped my life. This will, no doubt, be a very sporadic series mainly in the hope that I can actually drag it out til the end of 2018. I’m not sure I have very many books that had much of an impact on my life but I’m interested to explore some of my favourite books again. I’m not planning on it being your typical review of a book but just my personal musings and feelings about reading it. How it made me feel and how it affected me as a person/reader once I’d finished it. You know the kind of bollocks. I was inspired to do this years ago after I purchased Worn Stories. It’s a fascinating collection of memoirs that people have connected to a single piece of clothing. It’s lovely and I’ve always wanted to do something similar. I just don’t have enough of an emotional connection to any part of my wardrobe.

Finally, I’m probably going to completely ignore my schedule in March and just make it all about me. I have no information beyond that as I’m still putting my final plans in place. However, I can promise you that you’ll be sick of hearing about my birthday by the middle of March. Still, I’m a younger twin so I have had to spend 30 years playing second fiddle to my sister. I’ve shared every birthday I’ve ever had so if you don’t mind, I’d like you to let me have this one. I think I’ve earned it.

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