Thursday Bonus Post: A Harry Potter Primark Haul

Forgive me, dear readers, but I don’t have a TBT post for this week. I had so much to do this week and I still need to pack for my trip this weekend. So I’ve got something a bit different for you and I seem to have mistaken myself for a bloody lifestyle blogger. One of my biggest guilty pleasures is watching hauls on YouTube. There’s something about seeing how other people spend their money that speaks to me. It helps that I love shopping. I’m not very good at it because I tend to send most of my purchases back. But the actual act of picking something and paying for it is something I’m a fucking expert in. Something you’ll no doubt have picked up on if you’re keeping track of the “Recently Purchased” section of my weekly Rundown. Of course, doing a lot of shopping doesn’t necessarily mean that my sprees are interesting enough to showcase here, which is why it’s not something I’ve ever done before. This week is a little different, though, because it brings together my love of buying shit with my love of Harry Potter. You may be aware that Primark has recently brought out a whole new range of goods relating to JK Rowling’s hit series and, if you’re social media is anything like mine, you’ll have been hearing about it ever since. At one point every other post on my feed seemed to be a news article announcing the release of the range with many excited comments. So, as I happened to be in Leeds yesterday, I decided to see what all the fuss was about. It’s safe to say I was persuaded to make a few purchases.

A few purchases that could easily have been much bigger. I only bought myself 4 things and I think that was very restrained of me. I very nearly bought  pair of Ravenclaw PJs that I decided would be unpractical and unflattering so put them back. There were countless t-shirts that I picked up only to change my mind about seconds later. It was very dramatic affair. We’re talking edge of your seat stuff. Adding to this tension was the fact that I had forgotten that it’s still the Summer holidays and there are kids everywhere. This meant I was forcing my way through Potter-mad shoppers of all ages to find the items that I wanted. Nobody was safe. It didn’t matter what age they were. I was getting my swag one way or another. So, without anymore preamble in which I confirm my status as an anti-social monster, let’s get the motherfucking haul underway.

Absolute dream socks.

Starting with the cheapest product I bought: a triple pack of socks. Although for some reason Primark calls them trainer liners,which is a term that really just summons up ideas of feminine hygiene products but for your feet. It’s not a great image. Regardless of the unfortunate name, the pack was an insta-buy and only cost me £2.50. Bargain. I’ve dreamed about this set of socks ever since that immortal moment when Dobby was presented with a sock. Now, if I ever encounter a House-elf then I have appropriate socks to help free them from slavery. I’ll sleep easier now.

Look at how fucking tiny it is!

Second product is something that I definitely didn’t need but something I couldn’t resist. Now, as I talk about quite a bit, I’m very nearly 30. I don’t know if it’s just something about being a female nearing this age or what but, in the last few years, I’ve become obsessed with fucking cushions! I can’t stop buying them. Admittedly, all of cushions have ridiculous pop-culture covers on but that doesn’t mean it’s not worrying. When did I become the kind of woman who has any kind of interest in soft-furnishings? Why do I need so many? I don’t even have space for them all. Most of them are on the fucking floor. They can’t all be on my bed because that’s not comfortable. I don’t need them or really seem to like them yet I can’t stop buying them. At least this Ravenclaw (£4) one is super tiny… super impractical but super tiny. It’ll take up less floor space!

I just like clothing that lets me pretend I
attended Hogwarts

Thirdly, we have a t-shirt that happened to be in a nice colour and, at only £6, it seemed like a fairly good addition to my pop-culture heavy wardrobe. I have a selection of eclectic and unusual t-shirts that I like to wear occasionally. Last week I astounded my colleagues when I unveiled my new Louis Theroux “Gotta get Theroux this” t-shirt. Compared to that gem, this property of Hogwarts shirt is incredibly tame. I’ll probably just end up wearing it to bed but that doesn’t make it any less of an important product.

These are the coolest trainers ever

My final product is also the favourite of my haul. I love trainers and, unsurprisingly, have a collection that’s much larger than I could ever possibly need. I became obsessed with buying second-hand Converse high-tops a few years ago and have several pairs of differing levels of comfort. I decided it was time to add these Harry Potter knock-offs (£10) to the pile. I love these trainers though. They’re pretty subtle, which makes them the most wearable. Well, aside from the socks but as they spend most of their time hidden away it’s not exactly anything to brag about. With their little details this pair of shoes

Look at these fucking details.

manages to retain enough Potter geekery without being too obvious. I adore them.

I did buy one more product in my Potter haul but, just in case my sister reads this blog, I can’t really show it off yet. I’ll take a picture and then update this after the weekend when I give it to her. Because it’s pretty awesome.

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