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What a week it’s been. My social life has blown up in the last 7 days. I went out for drinks not once but twice. I’m a social butterfly. It’s exhausting being this in demand. I’m more used to just being inside and reading/binge watching some shit. Still, I just about coped, which is good because I’m no longer alone at home. Aside from work, I’ve not really spoken to people much in the last 2 weeks. Other than myself of course. I’d wander around the house having conversations with myself to fill the silence. That’s probably the most depressing thing I’ve ever written but it’s true. I still find myself doing it not despite the fact that there are actual living people I can talk to now. I just need to get used to the whole response part of talking now. It’s such a good job I don’t live alone. I’d literally never talk to anyone but my colleagues. I already have something of a lax attitude towards socialising as it is. At least I’d always have time to read, though.

Currently Reading

  • Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
I’m not the biggest Jane Austen fan, as I’ve probably mentioned, but my bookstagram friend is hosting a read along for her #austenaugust2017 tag. So I’m reading it again. The beginning bits of any Austen novel are just fairly tedious so I’m still waiting to get to the good stuff.
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling
In favour of the bookstagram read along, I’ve had to put this to one side for a while. I’m still not in the mood for this. I honestly think Chamber is the worst and it’s not the easiest to read. Maybe I can just skip it?
  • The 7th Function of Language by Laurent Binet
I’ve read some of this but my focus has certainly been on rereading Sense and Sensibility. It’s been ages since I was a student so my days of being able to multi-task with books has long since ended. I’ll hopefully finish this one by the end of the month but I need to actually do some reading for that to happen!
Recently Purchased 
  • Animal: The Autobiography of a Female Body by Sara Pascoe
I love Sara Pascoe as a comedian. I think she’s incredibly funny in a way that someone like Amy Schumer isn’t. She manages to be funny without trying to act like a man. I’m not a fan of Schumer anyway because (accusations of joke stealing aside) I find that Amy Schumer tries to hard to appear “laddish” to make it seem okay that she’s making jokes. It’s really fucking annoying and goes with the idea that women can’t be funny. Sara Pascoe makes jokes about being a woman in a way that a woman would. Anyway, I love her and have wanted to read her book for ages. So I finally bought it and am really looking forward to it.
Recently Watched 
  • Netflix Binges: Teachers, Top of the Lake
I have some news, I recently cancelled my Netflix subscription. It’s only briefly but I decided that Now TV was the better one these days because it means I can watch Game of Thrones legally. I’m enjoying it for now though because there are so many great boxsets to watch. Including the whole of Teachers which I’m nearly done with. I don’t think I ever watched Season 4 because, by that point, most of the original cast were gone so I didn’t care. It’s nice to finally see it. It’s the shittest season by far but it’s nice. Then, on the recommendation of a coworker, I watched the whole of the second series of the BBC’s epic drama Top of the Lake in a couple of days. It was an intense and awful story but the series is so good. I hope there’s a 3rd. Elisabeth Moss is fantastic and we need to see her more. 
  • Gifted
I only saw this because of all the adorable interviews that Chris Evans has done with his young co-star. Was it worth it? Find out in my Tuesday review this week.

  • Scott Pilgrim vs the World
I’ve had a craving to watch this again for a while now. I decided that my TBT review this week was the perfect excuse.

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