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For the next couple of weeks I have the whole house to myself. Now, I’ve seen Risky Business, I know what I’m meant to do with an empty house. It’s safe to say I’ve been enjoying the freedom. You know, showering at normally unsociable hours, playing the Hamilton soundtrack at full blast, and not locking the bathroom door. I think it’s safe to say I’m living life to the full right now. But, tearing myself away from the rock n roll lifestyle, I still have to stick to my schedule. So on with the rundown.
Currently Reading

  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling
Well, kinda. I haven’t read a single page of this all week. Chamber of Secrets has always been one of my least favourite books. It’s still in the childish style of the first one but takes a long time to really get going. We have a lot of introductions to new characters and new ideas to get through. I think that explains my unwillingness to carry on with this. I know the story but I also know how long it takes to get there. I ain’t got time for that.
  • The 7th Fucntion of Language by Laurent Binet
Still slowly continuing with this one. It’s fascinating and really well written. This is the kind of book that Dan Brown wishes he could write. It’s historically accurate whilst also creating an exciting new timeframe. The investigation is moving along slowly, which is something that directly contrasts with The DaVinci Code; a book that rushes through its narrative instead of creating depth. I’d recommend this book to anyone but definitely think it deserves a more dedicated reader than I currently am.

Recently Purchased
  • Selection of Pulp the Classics
I already owned a few of these amazing editions (Pride and Prejudice, A Christmas Carol, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Wuthering Heights, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Great Gatsby) and absolutely love the covers. The other week, I saw a picture on Instagram of the full series and I fell in love with the Mr T cover of Othello. So I couldn’t get it out of my mind and decided I had to have it. Then, to make an order over £10, I had to buy more. I’ve added the following to my collection: Othello, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Jekyll and Hyde, and Three Men in a Boat. I can’t wait to get the rest.
  • Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 1: My Own Worst Enemy by Dan Slott
After I watched Spider-Man 2 the other week I remembered how much I loved Doc Octopus. He’s a great villain and a wonderful character in general. Obviously, I’ve been fascinated with the Superior Spider-Man comic book series since I first heard about it but I never got round to reading it. The series which sees Peter Parker’s subconscious being swapped with that of a dying Otto Octavius. Otto decides to live his life a Spider-Man and carry on Peter’s legacy. It’s an interesting concept and one I’m really looking forward to finally reading.
Recently Watched 
  • Netflix Binges: Bad Education, Teachers
I’d watched a few episodes of Jack Whitehall’s BBC2 comedy about an incompetent school teacher when it was on TV. I didn’t hate it but it certainly wasn’t the greatest comedy show I’d ever seen. Still, I’ve seen it on Netflix for a while and decided it would be perfect background noise at 5:30 am. Then, apparently carrying on my sudden school-based television obsession, I started watching the entire series of Teachers. To be honest, this isn’t on Netflix but I can’t have a separate category for all of my streaming services. I watched as a teenager this when it was on TV and loved it. Going back is wonderfully nostalgic and, I’m sure, goes someway to explain my long love of Belle and Sebastian. I’ve heard the tune to ‘Boy With the Arab Strap’ countless times in only a few episodes.
  • Snowpiercer
I reviewed this on Thursday and I managed to only spend a short amount of time talking about my love of Chris Evans. I think this shows great personal growth.

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