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In all honesty, I had planned to be in bed by now but, thanks to one thing and another, I’m still typing this late into the night. Not only was A Handmaid’s Tale on 30 minutes later than I expected but then I got caught up in finishing job applications. Probably the wrong time to be doing it but I’d mixed my dates up. Still, I’m here now and about to settle down for a bit of reading before I head to bed properly. Though I need to finish changing my sheets first. Today’s lazy Sunday routine seems to have got a bit out of hand if I’m honest. I’m about halfway through finishing loads of things. It’s been a rough couple of days at work so I really just wanted to relax today. I’ll get stuff finished after work tomorrow. Sometimes procrastination can be justified… right?
Currently Reading

  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling
Still not got any further with this because I was focusing on 7th Function. I feel as though this can take more of a backseat since it’s a reread and I know what’s going to happen. Still, I can’t wait for the fun to start. I’ve always enjoyed Lockhart in this book. There’s a lot I’m less fond of but the new DAD teacher is always hilarious.
  • The 7th Fucntion of Language by Laurent Binet
I’ve actually read some of this this week. I’m amazed. Not only is this book really good and super interesting but I feel as though I’m actually learning too. At university, I couldn’t really get my head around semiology as a tool for literature students but this book has already done what an entire years of literary theory study couldn’t do. Plus, reading the dialogue in my abysmal French accent makes me incredibly happy. As long as nobody else ever hears it.

Recently Purchased
  • Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders
So far, the audiobook of this novel has been my favourite “read” of the year. So I decided it was only right that I actually own the copy of the book. Initial thoughts, it’s fucking beautiful. The end pages look like fucking marble and it’s just gorgeous. I love it.
  • Selection of Vintage Minis
I’ve seen these gorgeous books all over Instagram recently and have lusted after them ever since. I happened to be in my local bookshop yesterday and they had a whole display. As they’re fairly cheap I picked up 4 of the beauties even though I could easily have bought the whole batch. I ended up with: Summer by Laurie Lee, Jealousy by Marcel Proust, Love by Jeanette Winterson, and Psychedelics by Aldous Huxley. I can’t wait to dive into them.
Recently Watched 
  • Netflix Binges: Mock the Week
In one of my weirder binges, I’ve been rewatching old episodes of Mock the Week on Netflix this week. It’s bizarre going back a few years in terms of the news topics being discussed but it never fails to provide some kind of entertainment. Also, I may be more than a little bit in love with Josh Widdicombe right about now.
  • Okja
Watched this today for my review on Tuesday. I’ll see you then.

  • Spider-Man 1 and 2
You may have noticed that I did both a Throwback Thursday and a Frowback Friday post this week. That’s because I couldn’t decide between Toby Maguire’s first or second time in the role of Peter Parker. I mean 1 made more sense given the context but 2 is a much better film. In the end I thought “fuck it” and did both.

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