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So did everyone enjoy Harry Potter Week? I’m not sure I quite lived up to the quality of my previous Harry Potter rants (i.e. my post about what a creep Snape is, which I’m sure is the most accurate thing I’ll ever write) but I got a lot of things off my chest at least. Still, it was nice revisiting the series and reminding myself how much it meant to me. I think there are parts of the Harry Potter fandom that make it seem as though there is only one way to appreciate the series so I always felt like I wasn’t a real fan any more. Just because I don’t reread the books every few months or feel like they’re the best books ever written shouldn’t mean I can’t consider myself a fan. I think that’s a problem that is creeping into fandoms as a whole. It’s far too competitive and can be quite cruel. Nobody appreciates anything in the same way and that’s something to be celebrated. You can’t win being a fan of something. Why try? Just because you spend more or talk about something more doesn’t make you love it more. It’s a ridiculous notion. Anyway, before this turns into another rant I’d better get on with the rundown.

Just Finished

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling
Finished rereading this in record time obviously. I mean I knew the story and it’s a book for little children. It’s been a while since I reread the whole book and, whilst I maintain that it’s still badly written, it still brought back the familiar joy that I got when I first read it. Guess I’m not as old and cynical as I like to think.

Finished listening to this finally. Probably going to discuss it further on Tuesday. So, hold onto your butts.
  • Slice of Life by Kurt Vonnegut (Kindle Edition)
A weird but interesting little short story I read after signing up to a free trial of Kindle Unlimited. Not one of the best Vonnegut tales you’ll ever read but still creepy and pretty cool. I’d recommend as a light quick read but don’t get too excited. 
  • Jessica Jones: Alias (Vol.1 and 2) by Brian Bendis (Kindle Edition)
Some more freebies thanks to Kindle Unlimited. I’ve been meaning to read these for years but never got round to it. I really enjoyed it but I will say that reading comic books on your Kindle is a most unpleasant experience. At least it was on my old Paperwhite. Maybe I need to upgrade?

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: Angela by Brian Bendis (Kindle Edition)
Another Kindle Unlimited. I’ve had the first volume of this run of Guardians for a while now and have always been interested in reading the 2nd. Angela is one my favourite characters these days but I’ve only really read her solo series and Neil Gaiman’s Marvel 1602 that feature her. I’m looking for any chance to get to know her better. 

Recently Purchased

I think I’ve finally done it. I think I’ve finally got through a week without buying a new book. I’m amazed at myself.

Recently Watched 
  • Netflix Binges: Comedy Bang Bang, Top of the Lake,
Started watching Comedy Bang Bang randomly the other day and I love it. It’s so fucking weird but definitely my sense of humour. I’m very wary that I’m coming to the end of the episodes on Netflix so don’t want to rush them too much. The other day a colleague of mine suggested that I watch Top of the Lake and, as apparently I have no self-will anymore, I went home and immediately started watching it. It’s really good so far and has a great cast. I love Elisabeth Moss and Peter Mullan anyway so it’s a treat to see them in this.
I tried to read Dave Eggers’ novel The Circle a while ago but I couldn’t finish it. I just got bored and kind of confused. So I wasn’t exactly thrilled by the news it was going to become a film and that was before Emma Watson was cast in the main role. It popped up on Netflix the other night so I thought I’d give it a go. Boy, I wish I hadn’t. I might try and do a quick review of it some time this week so watch this space.

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