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This weekend has been incredibly hot here in the UK, which has made being in work unbearable. The kitchen is stifling in this weather and we’re all so uncomfortable. All we need is some kind of air con and everything would be fine. Instead we have shitty old vents that really do bugger all to help anyone in the kitchen. Anyway, I only have to get through another couple of weeks and then I’m off. Free to do absolutely fuck all if I want to. If it’s sunny I might even sit inside all day and protect my pale skin whilst reading and napping. Those are the thoughts that will get me through.

Currently Reading
  • The 7th Function of Language by Laurent Binet
I keep meaning to read this book. Honestly, I do but I’m just too tired and hot to read. Especially when I have so many audiobooks waiting for me.

  • Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders (Audiobook Edition)
I started this after realising how bad I have been at reading last week and I’m really enjoying it. It’s a weird experience to listen to it and I kind of wish I’d bought the book now. However, I know I probably wouldn’t have made it through the book. I like way the narrative moves between the story and the snippets and quotes that go alongside it. It isn’t always the easiest structure to listen to though. I find myself losing momentum and accidentally missing bits. Maybe I’ll read it too one day?

Recently Purchased
  • Fighting Fantasy books
After reading a review of The Versions of Us before buying it a few weeks ago, one of these books was mentioned in comparison to it and, being a book lover, upon finishing I looked it up. It wasn’t what I was expecting but I absolutely adored the idea of them. I loved reading ‘Chose your own adventure books’ when I was younger and this takes it to a whole new level. With the added bonus of an RPG thrown in, it seems like a completely exciting reading experience. I know they’re hardly challenging books but it seems like a bit of fun. And maybe fun it what I need to push me out of this weird slump I seem to be in?

Recently Watched
  • Netflix binges: Coupling
Before Steven Moffat was ruining… sorry… ruining… sorry working as showrunner for Doctor Who he was only known to me thanks to this British sitcom from 2000. I remember watching this show on the BBC when it first came out and enjoyed it. When it appeared on Netflix I couldn’t resist. It’s not as great as I remembered it being but nothing ever is. It’s still a watchable and enjoyable little comedy about the relationships of people in their late-20s. It also stars and adorably young Jack Davenport before he agreed to star in those increasingly ridiculous Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
  • Wonder Woman
Oh my god. So many feelings. Tuesday.

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