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You know what, everything was going okay until I got up this morning. I’ve had a nice few days and had a nice night out with some friends on Friday. I had today and tomorrow off and the weather’s been an improvement. It was looking good. Then I got called into work tomorrow because someone’s sick. Now, I know I was sick the other week and left people in the lurch but this was my first Bank Holiday off all year. I’m not saying I won’t appreciate the double time but that’s not the point. Now, instead of sleeping in til I fancy, my alarm will be going off at half 7 and have to deal with the busiest day of the week. Ah well. It’s my own fault for thinking adulthood was going to be a series of fun and wonderful events I guess. Oh and to add insult to injury, I arranged another night out on the same evening that The Handmaid’s Tale starts on Channel 4. I’ve been waiting ages for it to come to the UK and I fucking missed the first episode. I hate watching things on catch up.

Recently Finished
  • Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad (Audiobook version)
After suddenly getting the audiobook bug with Norse Mythology last week, I went on another binge and listened to this audiobook. I only bought this because it was a Kenneth Branagh performance and I do love me some Branagh. The story is one I was already familiar with but I have to say the audiobook itself was great. It was so well performed and, aside from his hilarious female voice at the end, was perfect for Sir Kenneth. I’d recommend this version to anyone.

  • Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman (Audiobook version)
I’m thinking of doing a proper review of this on Tuesday. So check back and we’ll see if I offer anything more useful than “God I love Neil Gaiman”.

Currently Reading
  • The 7th Function of Language by Laurent Binet
I’m only including this because it might encourage me to read more. I’ve focused so much on audiobooks that I haven’t picked up a “real” book in ages. I’m still desperate to read this one but, after having people do the hard part for me, it seems like a massive hassle to do actual reading again.

  • The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett (Kindle edition)

This is one of those books that I’ve heard loads about but never thought about reading. Until I saw it on offer for under £1 that is. Then, naturally, I had to buy the cheaper audiobook version because it came to the same price as the paperback. It just made sense. I started listening this afternoon and I’m not sure what I think. It’s a bit too gimmicky and Sliding Doors for me but I’m hoping it develops a bit.

Recently Purchased
  • The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett (Kindle and Audible edition)
I’ve been quite good this week. Hopefully I can keep it up next week.

Recently Watched
  • Netflix binges: Rick and Morty (again), Deep Fried Masters
After finally catching up with all of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Netflix I found myself with nothing to watch… or at least nothing I felt like watching. There’s plenty I need to catch up with (Designated Survivor) and plenty I need to get round to watching (Luke Cage still and Iron Fist). However, we all know what it’s like to be looking through the options and just not feeling it. So I decided to start Rick and Morty for the whatever it is now time. I also binged watched the short season of Deep Fried Masters which is an outrageous and insane show. It amazes me how seriously American’s take deep frying food. I mean, deep fried butter? What the fuck?

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