Today was my first day back at work after a week off and it was dreadful. I’ve forgotten how difficult it is and, to make things worse, it’s so much busier than it was because it’s the Easter holidays. Still, it’s nice to get back to see everyone again. I’m also experiencing that similar post-holiday feeling that I’ve wasted the week. Answering the question “what did you do on your week off?” just got boring. I went to the Doctors, had my two-yearly eye check, and did a load of cleaning/sorting. It was fun fun fun. Still, I read a bit and got some photos taken and I feel a bit ahead on my blog posts. So it feels like some pressure if off at least. I was beginning to feel like I was drowning under my schedule but now I’m breathing again.

Currently Reading
  • 1602 by Neil Gaiman
When I dragged out some comic books for some recent photos it got me in the mood to read this graphic novel again. It’s a fantastic story where the characters we know and love appear in England in 1602. I love the combination of the old and the new and adore the way the characters’ powers are used in the setting. It’s brilliant.
  • The Best of Adam Sharp by Graeme Simsion
So close to finishing and, had I not got so caught up in my current Netflix binge last night, then I would have finished it by now. I still enjoy it but it’s getting a bit too far-fetched as time goes on. I loved the beginning but things seem to bet getting a bit out of hand at the moment. I’ll see how it finishes.  
Recently Purchased

  • The Power by Naomi Alderman
The shortlist for the 2017 Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction was announced last week and, as I suspected, it caused me to go on a spending spree. This is a book I’ve seen all over Instagram but have ignored until now. It’s nomination brought it to my attention and it sounds fucking awesome. Girls wake up with the power to inflict pain and death on others. Amazing.
  • First Love by Gwendoline Riley
Another book on the shortlist, which I thought sounded amazing. Telling the story of a woman in her mid-30s and her marriage to an older man. Whilst looking back on her relationship, she looks back on past loves and other relationships. 

  • WHSmith 225th Anniversary Yellowback Edition
The books created by Vintage Books to celebrate the 225th anniversary of WHSmiths are just amazing. I’ve been wanting them since I saw them on Instagram. I’ve currently only got The Turn of the Screw and Tess of the d’Urbervilles. It won’t take long until I get the whole set because they’re all great. 

Recently Watched
  • Ghost in the Shell
Saw this with a friend during my holiday. If you can wait until Tuesday then you’ll find out what I think.

  • Batman and Robin
I finally watched the new version of this classic fairy tale. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would but still had issues. My Tuesday review will explain in more detail. Basically though, it made me want to rewatch the original, which I did for my TBT review this week. 
  • Netflix binges: 13 Reasons Why, The League of Gentlemen, Inside No. 9, 24
Yesterday I watched the whole series of 13 Reasons Why and, if I’m honest, the only thing to come out of it was my desire to start using cassette tapes again. The overall message is important but the whole thing dragged a bit. I feel like it would have worked better as a film or one feature length episode. Also, this teenage obsession with nostalgic technology is getting ridiculous now. I mean cassettes are great but, let’s be honest, MP3 is much better.

After discovering the new additions to UK Netflix catalogue, I spent the rest of my holiday watching Series 1 and 2 of Inside No. 9 and series 1 and 3 of The League of Gentlemen. I’ve always loved the work of the League of Gentlemen and adore their weird and black comedy. Going back to show that started it all off was a wonderful experience and Inside No. 9 is just brilliant TV.

I’ve also finished Season 6 of 24 finally and it’s just the fucking worst. I’ve not really started season 7 but I’ll get there. I loved the return of Tony and think there was some good stuff in the season. Not the best but better than the one before.

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