TBT – A Single Man (2009)

As I mentioned in my previous posts this week, I've been away for a few days this week. I got back home yesterday evening and it was my intention to watch something for today's post once I was unpacked. What actually happened was me lying in bed for an hour unable to do anything. There... Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Reviews – La La Land (2016)

After La La Land started being nominated and, subsequently, winning a shitload of awards there were plenty of articles suggesting that actors Emma Watson and Miles Teller were livid that they had turned down the chance to be in the film. But it's just nonsense. The film has achieved such success because Emma Watson and Miles... Continue Reading →

TBT – Alien (1979)

On 25th January this year, legendary British actor John Hurt died. He was the kind of actor that never really fit into the role of leading man but would have been familiar to a whole host of people thanks to his supporting roles. As I've talked about multiple times since his death, John Hurt was... Continue Reading →

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