I haven’t given myself much time to read this week because I’ve been busy getting on top of my Instagram and getting my posts in order. As much as I love following prompts in all of the challenges that I’ve been doing, I kinda feel like every thing I’m doing is about photos and finding things to put in photos. The problem with following such great people means I’m forever trying to up my game without losing my own personal aesthetic… which is basically just simple and uncluttered. I don’t get how people can throw so much at a photo and just make it work. I’m more about blanks space and calm in my photos. I guess I just lack the skills for anything too complicated. Sometimes I tend to forget I’m just an enthusiastic amateur.

Just Finished

  • Losing It by Emma Rathbone
So I finally finished this book on Monday night and, it’s safe to say, that I had a shitload of feelings about it. Instead of my planned review of The Nice Guys, my Tuesday review this week turned into my own personal therapy session to get out my anger about this novel. It ended up being quite brutal.

Currently Reading

  • The Plague by Albert Camus
I started reading this after I finished Rathbone’s novel because it was the title I picked out of my TBR jar. It got off to a fairly rocky start when I realised that I’d accidentally skipped the first chapter when I mistook it for an introduction to the novel. But I’m back on track now even if I haven’t dedicated much time to reading this week.

Recently Purchased
  • War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
I had every intention to be good when it came to buying books this week. Well Vintage books really fucked that up by releasing their exquisite new editions of Russian classics. I saw them in my local bookshop during a lunchtime window shopping session and couldn’t resist this one. As soon as I got home I added the remaining books to my Amazon shopping basket. It’s through my not very strong willpower that they’re still there to this day.

  • The Invisible Man and The Time Machine by H.G. Wells
Another day and another great series by Vintage. I saw their new H.G. Wells editions on their Instagram and just couldn’t resist buying a couple. The designs are psychedelic and so colourful. They’re amazing. By this point, I have far too many copies of Wells’ biggest novels but, when they continue to be this beautifully designed, then I can’t stop myself.

  • HHhH by Laurent Binet
Binet’s upcoming book The Seventh Function of Language was part of my Most Anticipated Books of 2017 list. As such, I was starting to feel guilty about never reading his debut novel. Especially as it sounds so fucking amazing. The events of the novel takes place within the real life attempt to assassinate Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich in 1942. However, the events are augmented with Binet’s own commentary about writing the book and the problems that may have arisen. 

Recently Watched
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
So I found this on Netflix early in the New Year and I haven’t looked back since. What a classic. It’s been great to revisit this staple of my childhood viewing. 

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