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So it’s officially 7 days until Christmas Day. I hope you’re all ready. I think the only thing I’ve got left to do is get my friend a small final gift, wait for my secret Santa present to arrive, and finalise my sister’s present. So I’m in pretty good shape I think. So, 7 days til Christmas. Which means it’s 8 days until the January sales really start. Which means it’s 9 days until I’m officially broke. I’m planning on keeping calm this year but that’s exactly what I said about Black Friday and that resulted in me increasing my already too big Pop Vinyl collection. I have too many clothes, shoes, books, and bags but I guarantee that Boxing Day will consist of my tracking down more of these at bargain prices. What is it about a sale?

Currently Reading

  • Losing It by Emma Rathbone
This is a book from my ‘Most Anticipated Fiction of 2016’ list. It sounded fantastic on paper: a 26 year old woman is trying to come to terms with her virginity when she ends up living with her aunt who is also not sexually active. I was hoping this would offer a different perspective to the usual idea that young people have to start having sex as soon as possible or there’s something wrong with them. Unfortunately, from what I’ve read so far, it just highlights this idea. So I’d have to say I’m disappointed and underwhelmed so far. Still, there’s always time for it to surprise me. 

Recently Purchased
  • Shylock is My Name by Howard Jacobson
It’s December and I’ve realised that I didn’t get round to buying many of the books on my Most Anticipated Fiction of 2016 list, let alone read any. So I’m desperately trying to track down the ones I was most excited by. Starting with Howard Jacobson’s version of The Merchant of Venice. I’ve always liked this play so am interested to see what Jacobson has done with it. There are plenty of dodgy moments in it and lots of stupid cross-dressing that I’ve always hated so I definitely think there’s room for improvement and Jacobson could be the person to do it. Looking forward to this. 
  • The Girls by Emma Cline
Another book on my list and a book I’ve been watching other people read for ages now. I wanted to track down the gorgeous blue and red face cover but it was proving too expensive. However, my desire to read it has overcome my cover lust. No doubt this will be slowly creeping up my TBR in the coming days. 
  • Harry Potter – The Character Vault by Jody Revenson
I bought this on a total whim the other day after seeing it for ages. It’s the kind of book that I love but will just forget about in a few weeks time. It always seems like a waste to buy them. However, I’m actually really glad I did. It’s an interesting look behind the scenes of the Harry Potter films and how each character was brought to life on screen. It talks about costumes, hair, and wands that were all chosen. It’s fascinating and gives a great insight into the world of film making. So glad I let my need to keep on buying books take over this time. 
Recently Watched
  • Shit loads of Christmas films
Today alone I’ve watched Arthur Christmas, the Blackadder Christmas Special, and Elf all to get in the Christmas Spirit. The other day I watched Christmas with the Coopers to write about on Tuesday and I’m probably going to watch A Mupper Christmas Carol tomorrow night. It’s a festive feast in my house right now.
  • Designated Survivor
I finally caught up on the episodes that I’ve missed recently and I’m loving it. Well I was until the major cliffhanger that led to the Winter break. How am I going to wait three fucking months to find out what happened? 

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