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Fair warning, I’ve just got to the end of a week of 7am starts and I’m feeling tired and melodramatic right now. 2016 is turning out to be a pretty dismal year all things considered and this last week has definitely been a tough one. It started with the news that the great Leonard Cohen had died at 82 and then continued to reveal that Donald Trump would become the next President of the United States. Then Nigel fucking Farage has been popping up spreading his usual bigoted bullshit and looking extremely pleased with himself. It’s too much. We’ve lost so many talented people and seen too many political upsets this year and we’re still only in November. I’m going to blame this difficult week for the fact that I haven’t done any reading. I’ve just been hiding in my room, listening to Leonard Cohen songs, and pretending 2016 isn’t happening. Only a month and a bit until we can start a new year and leave this awfulness behind us. 2017 has to be THE year, right?

Currently Reading

Not gonna lie, I’ve read nothing this week. I’ve just been so tired after work that I just fall asleep without warning. It’s been one of those weeks where I look at the time at 11pm, decide it’s time to get ready for bed, and suddenly its 1am. I just can’t cope. So I’ve been shit but I’m trying to reboot over my next 2 days off. Hopefully I’ll become a functioning human being again. 

Recently Purchased
  • Penguin Little Black Classics
I’ve been pretty good this week about not buying books. My only real splurge came to the princely sum of £3.60 and consisted of 4 new Little Black Classics. Whilst taking an Instagram picture the other day I realised my collection of this series was sadly lacking and, considering they’re so cheap, it seemed insane. So when I needed to increase a recent Amazon order to above the £10 threshold it was as if fate was telling me it was time. The four I bought were: O Frabjous Day! by Lewis Carroll; Only Dull People Are Brilliant at Breakfast by Oscar Wilde; On the Beach at Night Alone by Walt Whitman; and The Night is Darkening Round Me by Emily Brontë. I still only have about 14 in total so I still have a major way to go but it’s already looking a little healthier. 
Recently Watched
  • Mascots
I finally got round to watching this Netflix original film from Christopher Guest. Find out what I thought here
  • Liar Lair
I watched this film to make me feel better during the shitty week that’s been happening around the world. It was a childhood favourite and was guaranteed to make me laugh. It was also a good TBT topic for this week.

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