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Today has been horrendous. Last night was my work friend’s 21st birthday so we all went out. It’s safe to say the gin was flowing quickly. Unfortunately, I happened to be working at 7am today. Even with the added hour I gained by the clocks changing, I’ve spent the day in a bit of a haze trying to get my brain to speed up. Somehow I made it through my 9 hour shift without any problems but I’ve spent the evening doing nothing. I just really want sleep so this will be brief. Also, because I’ve not had a very exciting literary week.

Currently Reading
  • Eileen by Ottessa Moshfegh

I finally started reading this after wanting to for ages. It’s not going too well so far because I’ve not been in the mood to read. I’ve only read one chapter and, despite being interesting. I’ve found it slow to get going. I’ll carry on with it but it might take a while.

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling
I decided last night that I wanted to reread this. I haven’t actually reread books 1 and 2 because they seem so badly written now. They’re both so childish that it feels cringey to go back. Still, I’m intrigued to revisit it. We all know the story but I wonder if I’ll get the wave of nostalgia and love that everyone else sees to feel. After being so disillusioned with the series for a while. 

Recently Purchased

  • Penguin Worlds Series
Is there anything better than a set of Penguin books? Well I don’t quite have a complete collection yet but I currently own 3 books in this series. The Penguin Worlds series is a collection of five forgotten classics from the sci-fi, fantasy and horror genres. They have been reissued to ensure they earn their rightful place on people’s bookshelves. The three I own are: True Names by Vernor Vinge; The World in Winter by John Christopher; and Horror Stories by E. Nesbit. Not only are these books fucking gorgeous but they sound amazing. I’m so glad I could be introduced to them.
  • The Haunted Hotel by Wilkie Collins
Just in time for Halloween I bought this story about a hotel in Venice. It’s from the author who wrote The Woman in White and The Moonstone so I figured it was worth a try. Who knows. If nothing else it gave me a good Halloween inspired shot for my Instagram.

  • Dark Tales by Shirley Jackson
This is the new hardback edition of Shirley Jackson’s greatest stories. Jackson is known for her disturbing tales of American gothic. This collection is all about the nasty secrets in Suburbia where nothing is as it seems and nowhere is safe. It’s a gorgeous collection and it sounds fucking creepy. Ideal really.

  • Don’t Look Now by Daphne duMaurier
I love Daphne duMaurier but I’ve never read this story. Everyone knows the film adaptation starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie… mostly for the on-set rumours but also because it’s a classic. So, again inspired by Halloween, I bought the Pocket Penguin edition of the tale of horror. The short story is also accompanied by more of duMaurier’s tales of dread. I’m looking forward to it. 

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