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I feel like I’m never going to get over this cold. I’m getting sick of feeling sorry for myself and being so melodramatic all the time. However, I swear that my head has been full of concrete for the past few days. It’s the kind of cold that kids me into thinking I’m okay when I first wake up but comes back with a vengeance as the day goes on. It doesn’t help that the kitchen has been fucking boiling lately. I honestly dream of getting a job that doesn’t require me to work in a similar environment to Satan himself. How long until the comforting chill of Winter? Seriously, I need to get my knitwear out. This sun is doing nothing for me anymore.

Just Finished
  • End of Watch by Stephen King

Finally finished this book this morning and I feel free! I realise that this isn’t the worst novel that Stephen King has written or will ever write. However, I think the massive change of direction in the final piece of the trilogy is just unnecessary. If we’d had paranormal elements through the previous books it would be fine but to suddenly change from crime thrillers to this was just odd.

Recently Purchased

  • The Night Manager by John LeCarre
Despite it boasting Tom Hiddleston in various states of undress, I never watched the BBC’s adaptation of John LeCarre’s The Night Manager. I’ve actually not read any of his books but, as he’s one of my father’s favourite writers, have always felt that I should. So, when Waterstones released an image of their beautiful special edition of this book I couldn’t stop myself. You’ll no doubt see it on my Instagram as soon as it arrives because it is a thing of beauty. I don’t even care if I read it or not.
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl (Penguin Modern Classics Edition)
Back in 2014, Penguin released this Modern Classics version of Dahl’s famous children’s book and there was much controversy around it. The cover photo showed a young girl in heavy make-up that many people declared was too sexual and creepy. Yes, the picture is creepy but I never understood the massive outcry surrounding it. I think. as Penguin stated, the cover highlights the darkness and creepiness that is always bubbling under the surface of Dahl’s novels. I loved the cover and vowed to get my hands on it asap. When it got to the release, I wasn’t quite as passionate and it’s taken until now to finally come good on my promise. 
  • Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky
Sci-fi isn’t really a genre that I tend to read too much of despite how much I love films and TV shows in that area. I tend to find that the bad ones are so bad that it puts me off. However, I was so intrigued by the sounds of this Arthur C Clarke Award winner that I tried desperately to track it down in my local bookshops. As I mentioned in this week’s top 10 list, it turns out this was a much more difficult task than I’d anticipated so I turned to Amazon to help me out. Hopefully this can open me up to a world of books that I generally avoid. 

Recently Watched
  • Suicide Squad
Didn’t think I’d ever watch this film. I did. And I reviewed it on Tuesday.
  • See No Evil, Hear No Evil
When it came to my TBT this week I decided that I wanted to honour Gene Wilder by watching one of his comedies. Unfortunately, as I’m still feeling ill and exhausted, I lacked the will-power to track down a copy of one of the good ones. Maybe I’ll try a better one this week?

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