It’s just under a week until my older sister gets married so my whole life seems consumed with wedding fever at the moment. I’ve helped make centre pieces and decorations. I’m trying to keep my parents stress free whilst constantly worrying that my dress won’t fit and having nervous breakdowns about the sheer volume of photos I’ll be required to appear in. I’m sure it’ll be a lovely day but I’m taking the week off so I can spend the coming few days hiding from every potential source of stress. I’ve already spent most of today in bed and getting further into my current read. I’d say that the amount of time I’ve spent napping is nothing more than disgusting but I’m off work for a week. I deserve this.   
Just Finished
  • The BFG by Roald Dhal
I have to admit that it was lovely going back to this classic of my childhood and I’m not super pumped to watch the film. Roald Dhal will always be the king of weird childhood 

Currently Reading
  • Finder Keepers by Stephen King

It was just over a year ago that my review of the first novel in King’s Bill Hodges trilogy came out. Anyone who read it at the time will remember that I wasn’t exactly enamoured by the writer’s attempt at writing a crime thriller. However, because I’m a glutton for punishment, I bought the second and then third book. They’ve been sat on my shelves for a good while now and I decided it was finally time to get going with them. I have a chequered history with Mr King but I always find myself going back. I know the chances of my liking his new books are slim so only have myself to blame when it all goes tits up. Still, I’m in the mood for an easy reading piece of trash and I’m pretty sure that Finders Keepers will at least provide that.

Recently Purchased

  • Jurassic Park and Congo by Michael Crichton
Bought this because I found a gorgeous edition on Amazon. Of course, because life fucking sucks I got sent a different edition but I got a bonus book included in the volume. It’s not the copy I wanted but I’m still interested to read the book. As a lover of the film, it’s something I feel I should do. After all, the novel Jaws was based on was fucking eye opening.
  • The Lost World by Michael Crichton
An edition that matches the first book so, when I was shopping, I just had to add it to my basket. I mean what kind of bookish person would I be if I didn’t try and complete the set. Thankfully the right copy came this time so I will, no doubt, be proudly showing it off on Instagram soon enough. 
  • Moby Dick by Herman Melville

I’ve never read Moby Dick so, when I found a lovely second hand Vintage books copy, I decided it was time to give it a go. Of course, it’ll probably be sat on my shelf until I summon up enough courage to open it but at least I now have a copy. It’s a step forward. 
  • Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis
I bought a hardback copy of this book back in March but was too intimidated by the size to start reading it. I always get sucked in by hardbacks but then find that they just feel too big. So I bought a cheap paperback in the hope that it would be easier reading it. We’ll see. 

Recently Watched

  • Stranger Things
I spent one of my days off last week watching this Netflix series and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. This is TV as it should be. The 80s soundtrack, the homages to other pop culture and the creepy storyline are just amazing. As it’s now impossible for my to watch a new series/film and not fall madly in love with one of the characters, I’m kind of obsessed with Hopper. I adore his gruff yet caring nature. I seriously can’t wait for the next season. The series was fantastic. 
  • Jessica Jones
After finishing Stranger Things I decided it was finally time to get around to the other Netflix shows that I’ve been putting off watching. As Daredevil has two seasons by now, I decided Jessica Jones was the place to start. I finished it in no time and I dearly wish I’d watched it sooner. It was amazing. Any worries I had thanks to my short time watching Agents of Shield were quickly swept away in the amazing performances and great storylines. Krysten Ritter wasn’t necessarily my first choice in the lead role but she nailed it. So did Mike Colter (my new love for the series) as Luke Cage. Has me really excited for the Luke Cage series starting soon. But the standout had to be David Tennant who was phenomenal as Killgrave. I don’t know how Jessica could resist that face. I don’t care how evil he was. 

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