Top 10 Wen-sday: Top 10 Harry Potter Characters

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Yesterday I wrote my review of The Cursed Child and expressed my disappointment that the characters didn’t sound the way I was used to. That’s always the problem when another writer tries to put words in the mouth of another person’s creations. JK Rowling put a lot of work into her characters and really made them people we, the readers, wanted to return to time and again. When it comes to the characters of the series I’ve never really followed the opinion of most readers about who is the stand-out. I can’t say that I ever really got on board with the character of Harry because he was always too whiny and self-important. In fact I’ve always maintained that Harry was the worst member of the Harry Potter universe. I understand that he’s important as fuck to he proceedings but I could have done without him. Plus, I don’t get this whole Dumbledore is amazing thing. He says some memorable things but all of his actions are super questionable and shady. He’s the worst headmaster imaginable and his relationship with Harry is just weird and inappropriate. I don’t care how many soundbites the guy has, it doesn’t make him fucking Ghandi. As for the other major fan favourite? Well, I think I’ve made my feelings about Severus Snape pretty fucking clear by now. So, this Top Ten Wen-sday I felt it was time I made it clear who really matters to me in these books. It’s about bloody time. And, despite what I said about my fantasy fictional husbands, neither Oliver Wood nor Charlie Weasley appear on this list.

Ten: Molly and Arthur Weasley

I couldn’t split this pair up to ensure I had a true top 10 because they are the perfect duo. In a book that is hardly overflowing with great parental figures, Molly and Arthur are the dream heads of any family. Both love their children to the ends of the Earth and happily welcome any waifs and strays that are picked up along the way. Look how quickly Molly takes to caring for Harry when they’re at Kings Cross. She instantly helps him out and ends up sending him jumpers and sweets every Christmas. Arthur is the fun and silly dad that we all want and will always turn a blind eye to his kids highjinks. However, as we’ve seen time and again, both Weasley parents are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to their kids’ safety. Both kick arse in the fight against Voldermort and both would lay down their lives to prevent their offspring getting harmed. I mean “NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!”. Need I say more?

Nine: Hermione Granger

To be honest, I’ve never been that keen on Hermione Granger. Yes, she’s one of the smartest witches that has ever lived but she was always too holier-than-thou for me to really get on board with. I guess you could argue that she chills out a bit as time goes on but she’s so fucking uptight that I never wanted to be her. I doubt I’d even want to be her friend. However, she’s pretty important to the plot and, as a woman myself, I guess she is a good role model for young girls. She is unashamedly nerdy and desperate to succeed. She focuses on her studies instead of making friends and finding boys. Hermione is the one who ensures the fight against Voldermort worked out. Let’s be honest, without her Harry would be up shit creek. So I have to give her props. Hermione is alright by me.

Eight: Ginny Weasley 

Ginny Weasley has a rough portrayal in the films because she becomes nothing more than an adoring Harry Potter fangirl. There isn’t a scene in the history of film that is more awkward and disgusting as the moment Bonnie Wright has to feed Daniel Radcliffe a mince pie. However, the Ginny in the books is a determined, strong young women who is always ready and able to stand up to her old brothers. She may be the youngest in her family but she fails to fade away into the background. She is a great Quidditch player, a great witch and she’s a babe who is never short of male attention. Something she owns even when Ron attempts to shame her for it. Ginny Weasley is the perhaps the most empowering female in the novels and she deserved better than both the films and her future husband.

Seven: Minerva McGonagall

Professor McGonagall is an honest to goodness badass. She’s a powerful witch and a sassy older lady. She’s funny, strict and a great teacher. She may seem tough but she clearly care about her students. She stands up to Umbridge when her regime gets super rough and she always has the best interests of everyone at heart. She is the only teacher, after Dumbledore, that is qualified to keep Hogwarts students safe and you definitely wouldn’t want to face her in a fight. Consider her cool and collected nature during the Battle of Hogwarts and look at her mad skillz when she squares up to Severus Snape. McGonagall may be a bit long in the tooth but she still knows how to hurt people. Plus, you know, Maggie Smith.
 Six: Dobby

Dobby was one of the deaths in The Deathly Hallows, along with Hedwig, that really got to every reader. He didn’t deserve to die the way he did and it was definitely the worst thing Bellatrix ever did. Dobby first met Harry whilst he was breaking the rules of his servitude. He was a rebel who was fighting against evil despite the fact that he had to physically punish himself for doing so. He knew what was right and woulds stop at nothing to save Harry from being killed. Yes, sometimes those attempts went wrong but people make mistakes. The moment he gained his freedom was one of the greatest things that ever happened in the books and nobody deserved it more. 

 Five: Luna Lovegood

Luna failed to make much of an impression in the films but became a fan favourite thanks to Evanna Lynch’s fantastic portrayal. Luna was the quirky outsider who managed to find a group of friends who accepted her for who she was. We all loved Luna because she was so honest about who she was despite the fact she was often ridiculed for it. She was strong in her own way and didn’t hesitate to help Harry and co. in the fight against evil. We could all stand to be a bit more like Luna in our every day lives… just with less references to Nargles maybe.

Four: Neville Longbottom

Neville Longbottom is the hero we all deserved but not the one we got. Thanks to a silly choice made by Lord Voldermort, Neville narrowly missed out on being the title character. Let’s be honest, in Neville’s hands the books would have turned out differently and non of Harry’s stupid mistakes would ever have happened. Although, there’s no point thinking about what could have been when we can focus on who we got. Neville is a great friend who overcomes shyness and feelings on inadequacy to save the fucking world. As we know from The Cursed Child it is Neville who was the biggest force to bring about the death of Voldermort. He killed the snake and got rid of the final part of the Dark Lord’s soul. Neville is our King.

Three: Sirius Black

Now unlike a lot of people on Tumblr I don’t tend to look at Sirius Black through rose-tinted glasses. He is a deeply flawed character who clearly came out of Azkaban in a delicate mental state. His relationship with Harry isn’t the loving and great one that people want to believe. He isn’t Harry’s perfect father figure but a man who wants to relive his youth with his best friend’s son. Still, you can’t deny that he provides Harry with a massive amount of love he’s always missed. It’s probably a good thing he never became the boy’s legal guardian. Sirius is a complex character who is incredibly arrogant, prejudiced and reckless. And he’s bloody perfect.

Two: Remus Lupin

The Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite book and this mostly comes down to the fact that it introduces us to Remus Lupin. The best DADA teacher Hogwarts saw during Harry’s time there and a guy who doesn’t hesitate to hand out chocolate when danger appears. Lupin is a good guy who has overcome a difficult life to help people. Werewolf he may be but Lupin is one of the most caring, moral and sensible characters in the whole series. He is also a great wizard who stands up to the likes of Lucius Malfoy and comes out on top. I’ve loved Remus Lupin since his first scene and I doubt I’ll ever stop. 


One: Ron Weasley

Admit is, Ron is definitely your favourite of the main trio. He’s the funny one, the relaxed one and the guy you’d happily spend the most time with. Harry is too much of a dick and Hermione is far too intense. Ron is the one you’d want to be friends with. He is also the person that you can see yourself in the most. Ron is flawed: he gets angry, jealous and unreasonable all the time. However, he is a good guy and will always come back to his friends. Ron is loyal and brave. There’s nobody else that really deserves the title of my favourite.

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