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This week the United Kingdom took part in a huge political decision that had the power to rock the whole world. The decision to leave the EU isn’t one I voted for nor was it one that I believe we should have been left to decide in this manner. Politicians have made massive gambles to gain power and it has royally fucked the country. It has also created a situation in which hatred, anger and prejudice are becoming the norm. It’s a sickening and worrying time to be here and there’s fuck all we can do about it. I’ve spent days trying to understand what has happened and try to find some positives. But I can’t. Instead I’m thinking of all the opportunists that have been ripped away from young people. All the chances that have been ripped away from me because Boris Johnston and co. have fed lies to us all for months. All I can feel is numb. Numb and upset that things are so bad in this country that a large proportion of people felt so marginalised that they targeted our connection with Europe as the reason for their suffering. Instead of getting back their rights they only voted for a situation in which their suffering will only get worse before it could possibly get better. They have created such uncertainty that we will get a Prime Minister who will, if anything, care about them even less. When they can’t blame Europe who are they going to blame for their lack of benefits? This country is slowly being torn apart and we can do nothing but wait. The EU wasn’t great but living in a country that is defined by its isolation and xenophobia can be no better for anyone. I never wanted to use this as a platform for this kind of thing but its where my thoughts are this week. The real world is a fucking mess and the only thing I want to do is retreat into a fictional world. I imagine my reading slump will come to an end any day now.

Currently Reading

  • A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George RR Martin

I know I know. I’m still reading this and it’s fucking ridiculous. It’s been weeks and I feel like I’m getting no further with it. That’s not because it isn’t good but because I’m just not in the mood. It’s really well written and, in my opinion, easier to read than A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s less intense and more fun than that but still as detailed and engrossing. I just need to get into the reading spirit or I’ll never move on. 

Recently Purchased

  • A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin

I already own this book but my old edition is so battered by this point that I wanted a nice one again. I decided it was time to start amassing the beautiful photographic covers that were released a few years ago. I’m not sure I’m completely on board with them but they look a lot sleeker than the previous illustrated ones. At the very least they’ll look better on my bookshelf. The main reason I bought it? I contemplating reading the series again. At the very least, I think I need to go back to all of book 5 before book 6 comes out. There’s so much I think I rushed through and the whole Mance Rayder at Winterfell plot needs to be revisited. Otherwise I’m going to be fucking clueless by the time The Winds of Winter comes out. 

  • The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall

Not really sure where the idea for this one came from. I think I read it on one of those stupid lists I’m so fond of. However, here I am with a copy and no real idea what the book is about. It’s something to do with memory and loss or something. Still, I’ve heard good things about it so I’ll give it a chance. A few Amazon reviews claim it’s too weird and “out there” and I’m always a lover of that kind of thing. 

  • The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King

Stephen King writing a Medieval murder mystery? Doesn’t that sound perfect? Yeah, I know my relationship with King has been iffy in the past but I’m always willing to give it another go. This book seems more relaxed than his other books but I’m looking forward to seeing his spin on the genre.

Recently Watched

  • Game of Thrones

Started re-watching this in time for the finale of the current season. The last episode was so good but I have many issues. So much so I think I’m planning a week of Game of Thrones related rants starting next week. It’s a change to our scheduled programming but I need to get a few things off my chest. 

  • The Avengers: Age of Ultron

I haven’t seen Age of Ultron since it came out in the cinema but, when buying a Father’s Day gift last week, I couldn’t resist an offer. Age of Ultron still isn’t that great but it let me see just how many great lines Ultron had. I mean just look at the scene where he accidentally rips of Ulysses Klaue’s arm and tells him it’ll heal up nicely. There are some really funny moments in this film but it still doesn’t live up to what I hoped that it would be. It’s a shame.

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