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Posting this much later than usual because, as you’ll know if you follow my Instagram, I’ve been in London this week visiting my friend for her birthday. I got back super late and, because I hate writing too much on my phone, I left it until now to start this. The weekend has been great and I’ve indulged in a lot of book talk. My friend’s a fellow literature graduate so most of our conversations eventually come back round to books. Plus, she works in publishing so often has free treats for me to take away with me.  I also took way too many with me because I managed to overestimate just how much I can read on a train journey. Still, I hunkered down and got a fair bit done.
Just Finished
  • Jaws by Peter Benchley
As I’ve yet to watch anything new to review this week and because I think it’d be a good topic I’m going to talk about this on Tuesday. It also gives me the chance to watch Jaws for my TBT review, which is never a bad thing. I will just say that this book had one of the best designed covers I’ve seen in a while. With its mix of photograph and hand-drawn design it really is something of a relic these days. I love it though. A reason why it featured so heavily in my Instagram this weekend. 

Currently Reading
  • A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George RR Martin
I contemplated taking this with my on my trip so I could read it after I finished Jaws but I decided it was too big and took a book I was in no mood to read. I decided to start this upon arriving home. It mainly comes down the intense jealousy I felt at sitting across from a guy reading A Dance with Dragons part 2 on the way down to London. It’s been ages since I’ve read good George RR so I’m using this to prepare for the coming of Book 6 (hopefully by the end of this year). 

Recently Purchased
  • The Vegetarian by Han Kang
I’ve wanted to read this way since way before it won the Man Booker International Prize. When it did win it sort of put my off reading it because I feel like the pressure to finish and enjoy it has gone way up. I guess I just worry more that I won’t appreciate it enough and then I’ll feel like I was missing something. I’d rather start something with a blank slate and then get my own feel for it. However, when waiting for my train to arrive on Friday I found this too tempting to resist. 

Recently Watched
  • How to Get Away With Murder
Not sure why I never watched this show before but it has become my new obsession. It’s absolutely amazing. I love Viola Davis so much and am captivated by everything that happens. I can even forgive it for the stupid flashback/time lapses that it uses so much. I just want more. 

Recently Visited
One of the main reasons for the birthday visit this weekend was because my friend had tickets to the Rolling Stones exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery. It was an absolutely amazing experience and there were so many great things I never knew about the band. Of course, it means now all I want to listen to is their music but that’s really no bad thing. I’ve always liked the band but seeing this made me appreciate them in a completely different way. Astounding. 


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