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Before I get on with my latest rundown I have a bit of an announcement. As of tomorrow, I’ll be forgoing my usual Monday post for about a month. Now before you all start bemoaning the loss of such a popular, well written and thought provoking segment (cough cough), this isn’t down to laziness. In order to kick start my future career I am about to start an online course in digital marketing. In order to get the most out of the course and attend the lectures I want to take a bit of pressure of in regards to the blog. Don’t worry though, I’ll be back soon with more petty annoyances and crazy rants soon. Now, on with out scheduled broadcast.

I nearly made it through the week without buying any books but bloody Penguin had to go and do it again. On May 26th PRH released their new Pocket Penguins and they’re fucking gorgeous. I could easily have bought them all but I resisted and only purchased 2 so far. No doubt I’ll get the set but I’ll hopefully have the self-control to be able to stop myself doing it all in one go. Seriously though, these things are bloody beautiful. The colours and the embrace of the traditional design are just amazing and the size is ideal. Penguin have a history of creating books that looked good and, most importantly, were great to read. I’ve always loved the publishers and why so many of their books line my shelves. Probably unread. They’re so striking and good to look at. I doubt I’ll ever be able to resist a Penguin.A fact that is hell on my bank balance.

Currently Reading
  • Jaws by Peter Benchley
Still plodding on with this. This book is much longer than it needs to be but I’m still embracing the trash. The crazy flirting scene between Brody’s wife and Hooper is both magical and super creepy. I’m enjoying this more than I know I should because it is trashy. I guess I understand why it was such a bestseller but it really doesn’t deserve to be. I admire Benchley’s knowledge of sharks but his novel doesn’t half go on a bit. 
Recently Purchased
  • The Betrothed (Pocket Penguins) by Alessandro Manzoni
A Gothic tale set in Italy in the 1600s. I may have graduated from my Postgraduate degree nearly 5 years ago but I still fondly remember my research in the Gothic. It may be a little dodgy these days but I adore classic gothic literature. With it’s fainting women, Wandering Jews, secret love, and horny aristocrats. This sounds ideal and it’s all wrapped up in a beautiful package too. 
  • The Master And Margarita (Pocket Penguins) by Mikhail Bulgakov
One of the greatest Russian novels of the twentieth century, I’ve always wanted to read this but never got round to it. The devil turns up in Moscow and causes havoc. Only the Master and his lover Margarita can resist the Him. Bulgakov’s novel is a satirical look at Stalinist Russia and I’m looking forward to finally tackling it. I don’t have a great history with Russian literature beyond Nabakov so we’ll see how this goes.

Recently Watched
  • The Boss
I don’t understand why Melissa McCarthy keeps pulling a Simon Pegg and making these kind of films. Want to hear me work out my issues some more? Come back Tuesday. 

  • Robocop (2014)
To be honest, I didn’t finish this one but I felt it warranted a mention because, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I saw Gary Oldman in a film and wasn’t instantly attracted to him. If that’s not a good enough reason not to continue watching a film then I really don’t know what is.
  • Game of Thrones
I’m still in fucking mourning after the last episode of GOT. So many emotions: Hodor, Summer, Jorah. I’m in such a fragile state. As much as I love George RR Martin I sort of want to slap him for breaking my fucking heart every time. I’m loving the show now it’s so removed from the books but I still can’t wait for The Winds of Winter. It’s tipped for the second half of the year but I swear we’ve been fed this line for the past couple of years now. I know he doesn’t want to rush and I respect that. However, it’s hard not to let my fan feelings come out and those feelings aren’t as patient. 

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Who is Murdocal? A casual critic who is a little bit too obsessed with pop culture. A young woman who swears and rants much more than she knows she should whilst trying to make her way in an adult world she isn't prepared for. A not as recent as she'd like literature graduate who, between job applications and subsequent rejections, has turned to the internet to fight the boredom and review the shit out of everything.

"Maybe, just maybe, I'm the faller. Every family has someone who falls, who doesn't make the grade, who stumbles, who life trips up. Maybe I'm our faller."

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