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So it’s Star Wars day again and I have another chance to discuss one of the greatest franchises in movie history. Last year I defended the prequels prior to the release of The Force Awakens. They aren’t that bad, after all. It’s just a shame that The Force Awakens was so good that it makes them seem worse now. Still, this year, May 4th has fallen on a Wednesday which mean it’s time to write another top 10 list. This time my list of all time favourite characters. I’m not really a very original thinker so this is bound to be very reminiscent of most people’s top 10. Had the newest film not royally fucked her character up, Captain Phasma would no doubt have been here. Of course, that was a massive let down. Although she has time to make the cut. As does Poe who would have been here had he had more screen time. I’d love to have included Mace Windu but I feel like I needed a reason beyond “he’s fucking Samuel L Jackson and has a purple lightsabre”. So I present to you, without further ado, my top 10 Star Wars characters.

    Ten: Kit Fisto

A less obvious choice, no doubt, but since I first saw the second of the prequels I’ve had a huge soft spot for this Nautolan Jedi Master. I’m not entirely sure why he made such an impact but it’s probably something to do with the massive grin he has on his face during the epic Jedi battle on Geonosis. Yes, his death may be supremely shitty but this guy is a genuine badass.

     Nine: Kylo Ren

I was wavering about including too many newer characters onto the list because we’ve still only seen Episode 7. We haven’t really seen much of any of the new faces from The Force Awakens to tell if they deserve being given such high accolades. However, Kylo Ren was such a great addition to the new film that I couldn’t ignore him. There has been a constant struggle between the light and the dark side in all the Star Wars films that it was difficult to imagine it feeling fresh. Kylo Ren does that. Having such an avid Sith Lord being pulled back to light side was fantastic. Add to that his teenage temper tantrums and we have a potentially new iconic figure. 

Eight: Luke Skywalker

Very nearly didn’t make it into the top 10 because, as we’re all aware, Luke is a bit of a joke as the hero. He’s the annoying teenager who stumbles into the limelight and manages to be utterly annoying whilst saving everyone. Kind of like Harry Potter, we like him because he’s the main guy but we kind of wish someone else was. However, Luke is no.1 so he gets a lot of the juicy bits. His lightsabre fights are the best in the originals and he is a part of most of the iconic scenes. You don’t want to be Luke but you can’t help but admire his journey. 


Seven: R2D2/BB8

Had to lump these two adorable figures together because, let’s face it, they’re essentially the same thing. R2D2 and BB8 are the adorable droids that have taken the world of Star Wars merchandising by storm. It’s not difficult to see why they’re so popular. Both are incredibly cute and have enough personality and fun to provide comic relief in the midst of all the darkness. Not being able to speak hasn’t stopped either working they’re way into the hearts of fans. 



 Six: Chewbacca 


Chewbacca is the best friend anyone could hope for. He’s furry, handy in a fight and incredibly loyal. No wonder, considering the inspiration for his creation was taken from George Lucas’ dog. Chewie is a great fighter but, most importantly, he’s a great friend. His bromance with Han Solo has been providing squad goals way before Taylor fucking Swift came along.


 Five: Princess Leia

Princess Leia shines partly because she’s a lone female figure in a male dominated universe. She also shines because she’s so fucking awesome. She stands up against the Empire, watches her home planet destroyed and still comes out being sassy. She’s a strong, independent and self-assured leader who isn’t content to sit around waiting for evil to strike. Even if she sometimes has to play the role of sex-symbol, there is never any doubt that Leia is a hero in her own right rather than a damsel in distress. 


Four: Darth Vader

I know, I know. How can I put Darth Vader at number 4? The guy IS Star Wars. And it’s true. Darth Vader is one of, if not the, most iconic movie villains of all time. He looks and sounds the part. Absolutely terrifying, unstoppable and unforgiving. Darth Vader is the Sith Lord that very clearly has his own agenda. He may work under the banner of the Empire but it came as no surprise when he turned his back on them. He also gets the best cinematic reveal of all time.

     Three: Obi Wan Kenobi

I admit, my love of Ewan McGregor probably has a lot to do with my love of Obi Wan but I think the Jedi deserves his place at number 3. Obi Wan had the horrible task of spouting a lot of Force related nonsense but, thanks to the great job of the two actors playing him, he sounds like a fucking genius rather than a lunatic. Obi Wan was the introduction to the Jedi culture for both Luke and the audience and we were happy to follow him into unknown territories. He’s the mentor we all wished we could have had at some point in our lives.And let’s not forget, he’s also one of the biggest badasses of them all. 

     Two: Boba Fett

So very close to stealing the top spot, Boba Fett manages to walk out on top of this franchise despite having only 4 lines of dialogue. It is in these 4 lines that the character manages to show what a fucking badass he really is and bring a much needed boost of cool to the proceedings. At least until George went and fucked things up with the prequel tie-ins. Still, let’s not dwell. Boba Fett is the ultimate mercenary. Willing to do anything for anyone provided the price is right. The fact that we knew so little about him only made him all the more appealing. What a guy.

One: Han Solo

An obvious but very deserving winner. Han Solo is the true stand-out of the original trilogy. He’s the scruffy looking nerfherder of every girl’s dreams. Harrison Ford is a beautiful man in these films and is the ultimate cool space hero. Han Solo is a wisecracking, arrogant and highly annoying individual. He is also incredibly realistic and provides most of the memorable moments from the original trilogy. He’s such a well written character and shows real growth throughout the three films. Ford plays him perfectly and his flirty sparring with Leia is just addictive to watch. Yes, he may lack the use of the Force and lack the power and wisdom of the other big players. Darth Vader and Luke are cool and all but, be honest, it’s Han Solo that you wanted to be.

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