Monday Mini Rant – Other people’s blog

So we’re here on another Monday with another name. I’m changing my mind about this day of the week more than the guy in that fucking Katy Perry song. Although, I think the need to shorten my Monday posts is a necessity. It’s been another example of me sitting with the page open in my browser being ignored whilst I try and stop myself spending more money. After yesterday’s post and with the impending doom of tomorrow’s review, Monday just gets lost in the drama. So I’ll attempt this short format for a while and consider the possibility of changing to a Friday instead. At least that would give me a more balanced week. I am a little heavy at the start of the week. Working weekends means that I tend to be a bit shit at the start of the week. I dream of a Dolly Parton lifestyle: working 9-5 Monday to Friday. I miss my weekends.

Anyway, that’s another rant for another time. When I was trying to get ideas for this post I got lost exploring other people’s blogs for post titles I could steal. I don’t follow a great deal of blogs simply because I’d end up not reading the majority of them due to time restraints. I tend to pick a handful that I regularly love and have a mass read on my days off. It’s not a great system but it’s mine. It’s the same I am with YouTube. I subscribe to a manageable number of channels so I don’t feel overwhelmed by my subscriptions page. There are a couple of people I will watch everyday but most of the time I use my days off to catch-up on the good things I’ve missed.

So. I have to be pretty harsh on blogs I find to decide whether or not they make the cut. A lot of the time it’s easy. I don’t tend to follow anyone who exclusively reads YA fiction despite being in their 20s because I’m never going to be able to not judge them. I’m sorry but it’s true. I’ll also kick anyone to the curb who primarily posts top 5/10/20 lists and nothing else. I have to be careful here thanks to my monthly Top 10 but I find the whole concept to be unimaginative and not very creative. If you’re a book blogger who only does Top 10 Tuesday then I really have no time for you.

However, the thing that really gets to me is the layout of the blog. When I first started getting “serious” about this blogging thing I spent a lot of time finding a layout that I was happy with. I’m still no convinced by it and I spend a lot of time worrying that the page is crowded and not user friendly. I also realise that blog layout isn’t as important as content but, when it comes to my personal opinion, the look of your site is important. If its not user friendly then why should I waste me time reading it? I mean anyone who doesn’t have an archive or at least links to past posts isn’t getting my vote. Don’t expect me to trawl bag through the last few years before I find something I want. Your writing really isn’t that good.

Although, my biggest pet peeve and something I don’t understand the reason behind is when you insist on showing full posts on your home page. What the fuck is the point? I don’t want to spend my time scrolling through five massive posts of drivel and then millions of tags just to get to the older content. Not only is it a massive pain in the arse but it looks really messy. That’s why the jump break is such a beautiful thing when used properly. Give people a introduction that whets the appetite then let me decide if I want to read on. Don’t fucking force me. It’s bullshit.

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