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So my holiday has flown by and I’ve done fuck all. I’ve spent my time reading and doing very little of value. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved it but I can’t help but feel that I should have done something useful. Still, reading is always a good thing and I’ve caught up with a lot of TV I’ve missed. I also managed to see my friends and watch a film I’ve been trying to catch for ages. I guess it’s not been wholly wasted but it depends what your definition of useful is. I have also been looking into jobs and trying to sort my future out. You know standard stuff. I’ve still got two precious days of holiday before I’m back in. I’d love to say I was using my remaining time well but I’ll probably just read, write and sit in front of Netflix again. Anything to ignore the pain of having to go back to work on Wednesday. Argh, real life. It fucking sucks. 

Just Finished
  • The Good Liar by Nicholas Searle
Finally finished this at 3 am this morning. It definitely got better and I really enjoyed it by the end. I didn’t even mind the split timeline narrative because, unlike most novels, it actually served a purpose for the storytelling. We are told of Roy Courtnay’s present and past selves and how it has led him to pursue the savings of widow Betty. The con itself is less Ocean’s Eleven and more Hustle but there is a certain amount of tension thanks the the reader’s awareness of Roy’s priorities. The big twist is hardly well hidden and Searle plays with his readers by leaving massive hints purposefully close to surface throughout. Even the most distracted of readers will be able to guess where it’s going early on but that’s not a problem. It’s not that the close of the novel will shock you but that doesn’t make the reveal any less of an impact. My biggest problem with the novel is Searle’s language. Often his prose feels dense and a little old fashioned. It might just be a way to integrate the main character throughout the whole novel but there is something about the language that makes it difficult to fully connect to the novel. You never feel like you’re listening to the thoughts of a real person but a person imitating the narrator of a novel. Although, it certainly made the historical sections more convincing and realised. I spent much of my time wishing I could hear more of Roy’s past. So, I’m interested to see what Searle comes up with next. 

Recently Purchased
  • The Passage by Justin Cronin (Kindle Edition)
Why did I buy this book? No seriously, why did I buy this book? I saw a photo Orion Books posted on Instagram, found out it was on sale in the Kindle store, and bought it immediately. It’s an epic tale of experimentation on death row inmates going wrong and causing an epidemic that spreads across the country. I’m no longer sure this is the must-have read that Orion’s Instagram made me believe but I’ll give it a go. I’m always looking for someone to come along and rejuvinate the apocalyptic epidemic genre and, as a lover of the likes of Tolkein, I’m always up for an epic. We’ll see. 
  • The Golden Condom: And Other Essays on Love Lost and Found by Jeanne Safer, PH.D
Dr. Jeanne Safer has spent her career discussing taboo subjects and bringing supposedly private matters into the public sphere. In this books, Safer uses her own experiences with the tales of people she’s met. She uses these tales to investigate relationships both healthy and unhealthy. As I’ve always tried to make clear, I need all the help I can get understanding relationships so I’m interested to see how Safer intends to bring light onto the subject. I’ve only heard good things about her book and I’m always trying to up my non-fiction game. 
Recently Watched
  • Hail, Caeser
Coming soon to a Tuesday near you.
  • Community
Yes, it’s taken me a fucking age to get there but this is my new favourite obsession. Abed and Troy are just amazing and their closing credit sketches are some of the funniest things ever. Also, the least surprising thing ever, I’m totally obsessed with Joel McHale’s face now. One day I’d love to watch a new show and not find another man to add to my list of obsessions. I’m so predictable that I can’t stand it.

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