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SUNDAY RUNDOWN – that’s what she read

I’m ashamed of how little reading I’ve done this week. I’ve not been in the best spirits so have spent my time brooding rather than expanding my mind. It took me most of the week to decide what I wanted to read and then I’ve got about 20 pages in by this stage. Everyone has reading slumps so I’m trying not to be too hard on myself. It’ll pass eventually. On the other hand, my dark mood has meant I haven’t bought many books. In fact, had I not found a book voucher that I was given nearly two years ago and thought was lost, I would have gone the week without buying a thing. However, the free money meant I was able to buy a book I’d been lusting after for a while but also felt was too expensive to justify. It was such an unexpectedly wonderful way to finish my week. Hopefully, things are on the up. 

Currently Reading
  • The Good Liar by Nicholas Searle
This is the first book Ive taken off my ‘Most Anticipated Books of 2016’ list. It’s about an elderly conman working on his final score and the woman he picks who seems more than happy to go along with it. Not got very far with this yet because I really haven’t felt like reading. I won’t say I’m not enjoying it but the book is slow going. Searle’s writing is lush and intelligent but it requires more attention than I’ve been willing to give it so far. I’m on holiday for the next week and a bit so I’m hoping to get through some more of this. Hopefully, it will improve. 

Recently Purchased
  • Better Living Through Criticism: How to think about art, pleasure, beauty and truth by A.O Scott
A.O Scott is one of the film critics for the New York Times and in this book he explores the importance of criticism on art and life. As you may have realised, I love criticism and believe that it’s always good to critically analyse all aspects of life. Really we’re all critics in our own right because we evaluate everything we experience. This book sounds right up my street and I’m excited to read it. 
  • The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
I first saw this ages ago but didn’t buy it because it’s so fucking expensive. When I rediscovered my old book tokens it seemed like fate and I purchased it as soon as possible. This cookbook takes the art of cooking back to basics and shows that you can create perfect meals without all the bells and whistles. This book discusses the science of the processes we take for granted. I’m hoping this guide will get rid of the all the bullshit that goes along with cooking these days.
Recently Watched
  • Deadpool

Yes, I’ve seen it again and, yes, it’s just as fucking amazing as it was the first time. In fact, I loved it even more. It takes a second viewing to appreciate some of the subtler humour because you aren’t so focused on the story. It’s a very clever and fun film. Here’s to the future. Especially if my current dream of having Jon Hamm play Cable comes true

  • Dr Who/Absolutely Fabulous/Any show I’ve already watched once

Whilst I’m still not watching the massive list of new things on Netflix that I want/should be watching, I’m currently still going through the back catalogue of shows I’ve already watched. Still, they are amazing shows. And rewatching Dr Who has caused me to realise that, whilst Donna is my favourite companion, series 3 is probably my all time favourite series. It’s a close-run thing between series 4, I grant you, but there are some big hitters in series 3 that you can’t ignore. Series 4 has more emotional investment but series 3 is the best all-rounder. Fact.  


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