Monday’s Are For Moaning – Curse of the MCU: or this is why we can’t have nice things

Not going to lie, can’t promise this will be the best post in history. Had a really long day and I had a nap instead of writing. I also wasn’t sure what I was going to rant about. I’ve been struggling with the concept for Monday’s Are For Moaning for a while now so I think I’m going to change it to a more generic Monday Miscellany. This means if I feel vehemently opposed to something I can rant in my usual, level-headed (!) manner but, if inspiration fails to smack me in the face, I can jut ramble on about whatever topic is closest to my heart that day. Things may even start to get personal… although I doubt it. I love reading people’s lifestyle blogs but I’m under no illusion that my life is interest enough to document here in any great detail. To be honest, I’ll probably just use the space to talk about how much I love various actors. It’s a theme that’s run through my social media since the beginning so I may as well run with it. Anyhoo, without further ado, I present the, potentially, last edition of Monday’s Are For Moaning. And it’s just as pathetic as the rest have been.
So the final Civil War trailer landed last week and it gave me fucking chills. I mean, seriously, it looks really good. Especially considering how wonderful Winter Soldier was. I can’t say I was a massive fan of Captain America but the sequel really changed my mind about the Star Spangled Hero. So I’ve been seriously looking forward to Civil War since then. If you ask me, it looks like it’s going to be a much better film than Age of Ultron turned out to be and, to be honest, I still liked Age of Ultron.

So, let’s get the nitty gritty out of the way first. It’s not the Civil War story that comic book fans will be familiar with. However, that doesn’t mean it’ll be bad. In fact, it means it’s got more freedom and isn’t harmed by the reputation of the original source. It means it doesn’t have to be bogged down with a lot of issues and important events that maybe the MCU isn’t ready for. It also solves the problem of how to rearrange the cast for the characters already present on Marvel’s superhero roster. Although, as we know, comic book fans are overly protective of their things so I understand that they’ll be fall-out after it’s released.

However, the trailer is a fucking beauty. Yes, it’s not going to be a masterpiece but all the elements are there. The central tension between Tony, Cap and Bucky means we have a genuine emotional pull to a Marvel film instead of just adding a flimsy romance into the equation. The thing that made Winter Solider so good, and I suspect will make Civil War so good, is that it’s not just about a superhero fighting a big bad. It’s about a superhero coming up against something bigger, more complicated and more personal. It’s not a group of great people coming together to fight an evil robot. It’s a group of people fighting their friends over a political issue that affects everyone in one way or another. It already has fucking depth.

It has already lead to several amazing scenes in all of the trailers that show the emotional pull at work. The shot of Tony’s black eye or his “you were my friend” revelation are more intense than anything in the first film ever was. This feels like a more serious and emotional Marvel film that still has plenty of action and humour to keep it familiar. It looks like the kind of grown-up storyline that we needed after the ridiculous Dark World and the disappointing Age of Ultron. It’s not just some shitty CGI villain who takes control before everyone comes together to destroy him. This is some serious shit.

Of course, this isn’t enough for Marvel films fans. Oh no. They can’t just let things be. Since the trailer was released my YouTube feed has been full of videos asking the question “will Civil War suck?” This comes straight after my rant last week about hyperbolic reactions of the Ghostbusters reboot trailer. I realise that the Civil War question is nowhere near as frustrating as that issue but it’s still really fucking stupid. There is nothing to suggest that this film is going to be in any way terrible but, for a lot of people, the immediate response it to bring everything back to the negative. Why can’t we just be happy it looks entertaining as fuck?

I’ve heard people suggest that there’s too much being shoved into the story and that all the new characters will get lost in the action. How the hell can they tell that from the trailer? This is where assumed knowledge from the comics causes a massive fucking disadvantage. You see an establishing shot of a familiar backdrop and comic book fans will assume they know what’s coming. We already know it’s not going to be the Civil War in the comics so we don’t know how the writers have used the source material. There could be stuff introduced now that ends up being important later and not now. Remember Thanos? Remember how excited we all were when he turned up in The Avengers and then basically did fuck all in any following films? Yeah, Marvel aren’t averse to that kind of thing.

There are people suggesting that Tony isn’t acting in the way the movies has portrayed him previously. Bullshit. Yes, he’s a more cautious person and is helping the government for a change. Have all you people forgotten what happened in Ultron? Of course, Tony was going to change. He nearly fucked everything up because there was nobody there to stop him. Why wouldn’t he want to prevent something like that happening? Can somebody out there explain to hardcore Marvel fans that change isn’t always bad, please?

I could sit here and pick apart all of the popular arguments for hours but it’s getting late. Conclusion : could Civil War suck? Yeah, of course it could. Everything has the potential to suck. Trailers are used to entice people to watch a film so it’s got to be full of the most entertaining shit. Otherwise they’d never make any money. Let’s not forget how excited we all were when The Phantom Menace trailer came out. How fucking foolish we all felt afterwards. My issue isn’t people saying it sucks. My issue is people not even giving it a fucking chance. It has the potential to suck but it has just as much, if not more from the trailer evidence, to suggest it won’t. And I’m all for trying out this optimism thing.

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