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Oh what a difference a week makes. Having finished my first book of the year half-way through January (and nearly a month after I picked it up) I was feeling a bit cocky about my reading habits. I’ve since started not one, not two but three different books. It’s been a while since I’ve had the brain power to concentrate on more than one narrative at once but I’m confident that these three are the types I can dip into every now and then without getting too confused. Not like when I put down Crime and Punishment for a few days/weeks and couldn’t work out which weird Russian name was referring to which character. I have a mixed background when it comes to multi-reading. At university I was at the top of my game but since then there have been a few too many distractions for me to be able to keep up. As I’ve decided 2016 is going to be the year I sort my shit out, I’m hoping this will mark the time my ability to switch between novels returns with a vengeance.  

To Be Read
  • The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
I had a lot of travelling to do on Friday this week but didn’t have enough room in my bag for everything I needed and the book I was currently reading. So, I picked up my Kindle for the first time in ages to save space. I wanted something light-hearted and silly to read so this seemed perfect. I’m not sure what I think so far. It’s cute certainly but a little bit obvious. I also can’t help but feel slightly cynical about the autistic narrator. It’s interesting, certainly, but it does feel a little bit romanticised and stereotyped. I’ve not reached the end so I could be wrong but I think it’s painfully obvious who Rosie’s mystery father is. I don’t know whether books are actually getting easier or I’m just getting more intelligent. Still, I’m always disappointed when I’m not left as clueless as the main characters. 
  • A Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari
Only read the introduction but I’m looking forward to this. Dating has always been a bit of a mind-fuck as far as I’m concerned and with all sorts of new apps and rituals I feel even more like the heroine of a Jane Austen novel who’s accidentally been transported to 2016. You know what, not even the heroine. If I was in a Jane Austen novel I’d be the annoying younger sister that either never gets married or ends up with the boring and impoverished young brother. Still Aziz Ansari is super funny and I imagine this book will be like the pre-cursor to his fantastic Netflix series. I’ll dip in and out when I’m feeling awake enough.
  • The Widower by Fiona Barton
Sort of embarrassed to be reading this super trashy thriller but it was on offer and it’s exactly the kind of mindless nonsense I needed after Bad Character. It tells the story of a newly widowed woman and the secrets she’s been keeping about her husband. Years earlier he was accused of kidnapping a 3 year old and the press are obviously falling over themselves to find out the wife’s version of events. I think it’s fairly obvious how this one is going to end but, like all of these hyped thrillers, it’s an easy read. Describing itself as the new The Girl on the Train, which I hated, isn’t doing it any favours but it has the potential to shock me. Doubtful but possible. 

Recently Purchased

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
I knew the minute I bought the rest of the current paperback versions of Harry Potter that my Pokemon trainer mentality would kick in and I’d want to “have ’em all”. It didn’t take much for me to decide that I needed to order this book and, really, it was all Amazon’s fault. Telling me I could only add on those Command Strips to my order if it was over £20 was a shrewd move. Still, I find it hard to regret my actions when I look at how fucking pretty it is. 
  • The Widower by Fiona Barton
My place of work is just down the road from a few bookshops. It’s really difficult, when I’m on an early, not to pop in and see what’s new. This hardback was super cheap and I just couldn’t resist. I knew I’d hate it but I always love having something to rant about. It’s the perfect situation.

Recently Watched

  • Die Hard
You’ll hopefully have read about this on Thursday but I revisited this classic movie this week. It’s so fucking good. Alan Rickman is majestic as Hans Gruber and it has only resulted in my mourning his death even more. 

  • Looper
Fun fact, thanks to an autocorrect error when this film first came out, Looper will always be called Pooper to me. It happened to be on last night and I decided to watch it again. Looper is actually a fucking amazing film. No matter how creepy Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks with his Bruce Willis prosthetics. It’s a crazy but super enjoyable time travel narrative. Plus, Emily Blunt has to be one of the flexible actresses of all time. I swear there’s nothing she can’t do. Even play a disgusting and ugly alcoholic in the film adaptation of The Girl on the Train apparently. Who you trying to kid, Hollywood?
  • Hateful Eight
You’ll hear more about this on Tuesday you luck, lucky people.

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