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It is so fucking cold right now that I’m pretty sure my brain has completely frozen. I can’t go anywhere without wearing at least three layers and I have to walk through the snow like a bloody 80 year old for fear of slipping. January isn’t the time for snow. Christmas week I can cope with but after that is just becomes a pain. Although, I can’t it provides the perfect opportunity to sit inside and read. Instead of being outside I’ve been snuggled up under my faux fur throw, in as many layers of knitwear as I can mange, reading a book with a cup of tea in my hand. I’m so fucking Instagram right now. Oh, that reminds me, follow me on Instagram.

Just Finished
  • A Bad Character by Deepti Kapoor
Great news guys, I’ve finally finished this book. None of us thought this day was going to come but, thank fuck, it’s finally here. This book was delightful from start to finish but I feel it would have benefited from a quicker read. The narrative jumps between the past and the present and, at the rate I was reading, I found it a little confusing at times. There are a few issues with the representation of India in the novel, with many sections being seemingly written for an outsider’s perspective. Delhi is certainly exoticised but there are some lovely moments full of reality. The writing is mostly pretty gorgeous and the story is pretty engaging but it could have been more. Still, I’d recommend this novel to anyone who loves deep writing and great characters. 

To Be Read

  • Who fucking knows
For the first time since starting my Sunday rundown, I don’t have a book on the go and I’m loving the freedom. As you’ll see from my book hauls in the last few weeks I have plenty to choose from but I’m looking for something easier to get into than A Bad Character. I need something lighter this time around. Maybe I’ll even get my Kindle out again. It’s been a while.

Recently Purchased

  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 
I’ve loved these editions of Harry Potter since they were released in 2014. The cover art is beautiful and much more in keeping with the novels than I felt the original artwork was. I bought The Half Blood Prince on a whim because, after Alan Rickman’s death last week, I’ve had the urge to reread it. I think it’s one of my favourite books in the series but I feel it gets a little bit overlooked. It’s quite forgettable as it’s basically just a filler story. Fuck all happens in it. It’s just a way to answer the questions needed to get us from Order of the Phoenix to The Deathly Hallows. I love it though. There’s so many great little moments in the narrative that don’t stand out as much as they should. Plus, I’ve always been a Snape fan… until he turned out to be a creep, of course. 
  • Harry Potter: Books 1,2 and 3
Well, since I’ve gone and bought the latest edition of book 6 it was only natural that I go ahead and collect the entire series. 3 books at a time seems okay and, luckily, these 3 fit into Amazon’s 3 for £10 deal. Prisoner of Azkaban has always been my favourite; mostly because I always loved Lupin the most. I can’t help but find Books 1 and 2 a bit childish now and can’t finish them. Although, now I’ve got these editions I’ll give them another go.

  • The Life and Death of Sophie Stark by Anna North
I read about this a while ago and have, once again, been drawn to a hyped book. Despite the fact that it;s being compared to The Girl on the Train which is a book beloved by all except me apparently. I’m not sure about this. It sounds like another vague, clichéd thriller about a troubled woman that will probably be very uninspiring. However, I’m always looking to be proved wrong. We’ll see how this compares.

Recently Watched

  • Joy
I’ll see you Tuesday everybody.

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