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I’m not really one for making New Year’s Resolutions. For one thing I have fuck all will power and don’t like being reminded of this fact too regularly. Especially if it’s about a week into vowing to eat less or exercise more. Nah, I’d much rather suprise myself by slowly realising that I’m a fucking adult and making small changes to how I live my life. One of these changes is how I approach this blog. I’ve already impressed myself with how well I’ve kept to my new schedule… if you ignore that month when I fucked off without warning. So I plan to keep pushing myself and make sure I actually read/watch things I can talk about. Otherwise, this will become my online therapy session where I rant endlessly about everything that’s going wrong with my life. I’m an adult now, Everything in my life is going wrong. So with that in mind, I will hopefully have something else to write about in my Currently Reading section of my weekly rundown very soon.

Currently Reading
  • A Bad Character by Deepti Kapoor
I’ve actually read a fair chunk of this recently. My plan for 2016 is to read something every day. We’re 3 days in and I’ve already failed so I’m not hopeful about it. Still, the writing in this book is fucking beautiful and the narrative moves really quickly. Recommend to anyone.

Recently Purchased

  • Sous Chef: 24 Hours on the Line by Michael Gibney
Working in a kitchen I’m always interested in how it is represented. I’m a big lover of the show Masterchef but am always annoyed when people have a romanticised view of what it is to be a professional chef. It’s fucking tough and can be super stressful. Now I’m not saying I’m anywhere near being a real chef but even working at this low level I know I’d not be happy in a proper kitchen. In this book, chef Michael Gibney creates a narrative of 24 hours in an upscale New York restaurant. Giving a hopefully real and in-depth view of what it is really like to cook for a living. 
  • Spill Simmer Falter Wither by Sara Baume
I’d read a lot about this one before I got round to buying it but it wasn’t until I ‘needed’ to make an Amazon order up to the free delivery minimum that I bought it. It’s the story of a lonely man in his fifties who finds companionship in the dog he adopts. Baume’s debut was a huge success and I can’t wait to read it.

  • Beach House by R.L. Stine
This one was born out of a huge fucking wave of nostalgia. After watching Goosebumps earlier this year, all my memories of the series came flooding back. It got me thinking about all of my childhood reading. Having an older sister, I was able to easily transition from Goosebumps to the slightly older Point Horror series. There was one book that I’ve never been able to forget and, if I’m right, this is it. If not I’ll read it anyway.It all counts towards my 2016 book count after all.
  • I Love Dick by Chris Kraus (Kindle edition)
I bought this one after seeing another blogger talking about it. I did a bit more research and it sounded magnificent. I got a copy as soon as I could. 
  • DIY Pickling: Step-By-Step Recipes for Fermented, Fresh, and Quick Pickles (Kindle edition)
I fucking love pickles. One of my favourite Christmas presents this year was a fucking huge jar of jumbo gherkins. Obviously, the basic principles of pickling is easy but I’m always looking for new and exciting flavour combos. Who knows, next year everyone might get some of my home-made pickled goods.

Recently Watched

  • Sherlock: The Abominable Bride
Fucking hell this was so much better than I could have imagined. I don’t think it ended up being as clever as Moffat may have thought it would be but it was still fun. The old-timey Sherlock world was amazing and, despite being a tad obvious, the little touches that suggested this was all just imaginary were great. I can’t believe that it was necessary going through this whole plot just to tell people what happened to Moriarty. I think it was obvious what happened: particularly to anyone familiar with the stories. I mean have we all forgotten Sebastian Moran? It was always obvious Moriarty wasn’t back from the dead but that someone was taking his place. All these conspiracy theories were fucking desperate.

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